Home Discussion Forum Anyone had any sucess learning Qigong through a book or video?

Anyone had any sucess learning Qigong through a book or video?

any recomendations?
I don’t live close enough to any Qigong teachers–any benefit from a book or video?


  1. you can learn a little from books/videos but honestly unless you are doing this and getting physical with other people who are doing this you won’t learn much its better to go find a gym you like and learn there you will learn more safer and quicker

  2. Qigong or anyother energy/psychic exercises are completely personal and unique to the practicioner. So what might work for one person might not work with others. All you really need is the base idea and concept and then customize it to fit you PERSONALLY. It seems everyone is coining the tagline of Gyms like the government does taxes and “fees” now. Besides, most gyms are more focused on the physical aspect rather than discilpline of self familiarization of bodily energies.
    Try looking up Samyama (mastery of the mind) and Pranayama (mastery of the breath), Ninja Vol. 1: Spirit of the Shadow Warrior by Stephan K. Hayes (chapter 4); explains thoughts in detail, Chi Kung: Way of Power by Lam Kam Chuen and Empty Force by Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill.

  3. You will learn exactly as much as you would from going to a teacher, NOTHING. That’s because it’s total B.S. Chi isn’t real.


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