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Anyone had a near-death experience here? How does it feel in the last moments when you're dying?

It’s like you know your end is near and convinced nothing on Earth can stop it.
And if you’re living today from being in the throes of death, how does it feel to know you’re alive and kicking, can resume your work and go back to doing what you always did. Also, how does it change your perspective about people? Do you, for instance become more empathetic to others?


  1. I fell off a cliff once and rolled … I thought I was gonna die fersure..
    But, I lived.. with a lot of pain though…
    Nothing about me really changed.. 😛

  2. It feels blissful. It’s seductive, like a lover, and has a warm embrace that you can’t deny, and don’t want to.

  3. Your Adrenaline Usually Gets REALLY High And Can Cause Your Perception Of Time To Be Distorted Many People Tend To Panic Instead Of Think.And If You Have A Chance To Get Your Adrenaline Levels Up It Can Help Your Chances Of Surviving, For Instance When My Father Had A Seizure While Driving Me To School Wen I Was Twelve He Ran Off A Medium Sized Cliff And Into A Ditch And I Had A 4 1/2 Inch Slit On The Back Of My Right Arm And Didn’t Notice It Until I Started Bleeding All Over The Cop Car That I Got To Sit In. If Your Adrenaline Levels Are As Heightened As Mine Were It Can Be Angering Tat Someone Is Concerned About You More Than Your Severely Injured Dad Still In The Upside-Down Car That You Climbed Out Of. I Was Just Screaming “WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING GET MY DAD OUT OF THE CAR!” That Is The Only One I Can Remember Out Of My Three Sorry.
    -Bones Aka Mattias-


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