anyone get sleep paralysis?






okay, so I get sleep paralysis at least 2 times a week, and it’s basically the same scenario (evil prescence, whisperings, etc). I did some research on it, where I learned that it’s supposedly this lucid state of coming out of REM or something. Where your body is still in REM state (paralyzed/dreaming) but you are conscious and awake to the point where it seems like you can almost see your dreams . These occurences just seem so strange to me that I can’t help thinking it’s paranormal. I don’t buy the whole coming out of REM bit, it’s just so very bizarre. Anybody know a thing or two about it, or has experienced it?


  1. I experienced it on a fairly regular basis as a young man, and even still once in a rare while still get the falling-through-the-bed sensation associated with it.
    It’s just your brainstem playing tricks on your higher brain functions. Enjoy it for the oddness it is and let yourself get back to sleep.

  2. There are two explanations to it, there’s science and spiritual, I’m not knocking science but considering I’m a life long pagan and spiritualist I go with the spiritual explanation.
    When you sleep you astral plane ( soul leaving your body ) its normal for this to happen, spirits can play with your dreams or your soul when you are out and about. This causes enegry to bulid up and some spirits feed or absorb the enegry that you give out. Considering they are draining you when you wake up during the process it causes this paralysis to happen.
    Science likes to have a tight grab on things so my opinon the explanation science gives on such things can become stupid. However it depends on you do you want to believe in the spiritual or science verison personally considering I seen these spirits and commune with this spirits, I tend to believe the spiritual side of things.

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