Anyone ever participated in Ceremonial Sex Magick?

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I am talking about a sacred ceremony where the point is to bless the did it affect your life..positively or negatively?

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mad cat

no have not just said prayers

marilyn m

no any kind of magic or magik is against God’s laws.


Ive been part of ceremonial magick before. But no sex was involved. I wouldn’t have minded though! I found it to be a very powerful experience. Good luck on your journey.


I haven’t participated in sex magick, but the magick I have done was an uplifting experience.


Yes, but the point of mine was to conceive a child… which we did.
It was a beautiful Ritual where we called on our child’s spirit to enter my womb. Lots of symbolism. It was beautiful, but very personal so I won’t share any other details here.


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