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Anyone Ever Heard Of The Astral Plane, If So Any Ways To Help Get There?

me and my friends have recently learned of the astral plane you sometimes travel to while sleeping, we have had some success with remembering out dreams by simply stating that we will. we ultimately want to try to meet each other there, to confirm this whole theory in the first place. Any experts out there? if so have you had any success, or tips?


  • Well, astral projection takes time. you must learn how to do it..ii can get out of my body, the problem is that ii cant remember anything. my tips are, meditate when possible, you’ll connect that way to the spirit world and your spirit guides 🙂
    wish you the best of luck

  • African Dream Root. It allows those who consume it to lucid dream.

    Now whether lucid dreaming is the same as astral projection, idk.

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