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anyone ever have past life regression/hypnotherapy?

if so was it successful? did you find out anything interesting? what was it like? like watching a movie?
I am considering it.I don’t even know if I can be put under but this seems very interesting.
I don’t want to hear from the skeptics.


  1. I don’t know
    I only know that we do have Parallel lives
    We visit them when we dream at night
    And in each of those dream world we have no memory of this world we live in

  2. Yes, sort of. I managed an event for someone who is very well known in this field. He did a past life regression. It didn’t work for me, but others said it worked for them..
    Maybe I’m brand new.
    I don’t believe in it, but the man who conducted the session was delightful.

  3. I don’t believe in reincarnation, so no.
    We joke around sometimes, like my aunt says that she was, in a past life, a Southern Belle and a Jewish WWII victim because those are some of her points of interest. We don’t believe it though.

  4. I don’t know how reincarnation would come about.
    However even if it was, our DNA strands would not be able to hold memories from ” past lives” it would be to much for the brain. We only contain memories from this life. As of right now, it is scientifically impossible to hold the memories of your ancestors or ” past lives”

  5. Hello RD
    As a Hypnotherapist, I have done a few & most have found them interesting. all have been very normal folk in regression.
    Some have been first person, other 3rd (watching).


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