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Tom 1

Yep. The initial main event wasn’t expected or sought, but was triggered by qigong during meditation. It was intensely physical, a lot like an earthquake. Burly red arm-thick snake substance climbed my spine, soaking up my body like a bursting thermometer – it’s far from easy to describe. To describe a single experience is misleading, really it’s a massive life-changing cluster of spiritual events. The pyrotechnics may sound scary, but for me Kundalini represents an enormously positive paradigm shift.


Personally, no. But I know at least two people who accidentally woke up Kundalini.

The girl constantly feels pain in her back where the energy made quite a mess.

The man spent 20 years of his life in mental hospital because people thought he was crazy. He’s no longer a man, he’s a vegetable today.

Yes, meditation can trigger Kundalini awakening – after 30, 40, maybe 50 years. The truth is, Kundalini will awake on it’s own when you’re ready, do not even try to wake it up on your own or you will not end up well.