Home Discussion Forum Anyone ever had migraine auras?

Anyone ever had migraine auras?

Can any of you describe what your migraine auras are like?
I believe I had one today, and it was very scary! I wanted to see if anyone else had ever had a similar experience.


  1. Yes, I get them all the time right before I get a full blown migraine. It starts out as spots in front of my eyes. And then everything gets a bright light around it…like the sun is right behind it and it hurts my eyes so bad that I have to get away from it and close them and try to sleep.Sometimes, that light is a pink or orange color. And sometimes, I will see just the spots flying around in front of my eyes hours before the headache comes! It’s really weird. As soon as I see that, I usually go ahead and take an Imitrex. What do you take for your migraines?

  2. yes i always get them. well basically for me i get this rainbow lyk colour im my eye. which starts from one side and gradually gets bigger until it covers my whole eye. then it goes black and i cant see with that eye for about 10 mins. but even after the aura there is this kinda cloudy thing covering my eye. that stays longer depending on my migraine. if its bad it stays longer. i cant remember my 1st because i was like 7 yrs old. but as u get them more often then u learn to
    cope with them. and in my point of view thats the easy part of the migraine
    heres how my ones look, http://ninglunbooks.files.wordpress.com/2007/07/scotoma.jpg

  3. Typically, but not always, the viewing of migraine aura is indicative of sinful behavior – they are the serpents found in the Bible, and are of a supernatural origin. The supernatural origin of migraines was formally identified thousands of years ago, in ancient Egypt (Ebers Papyrus), but this idea is eschewed by modern science as a superstition. Migraines and accompanying prodromal symptoms are all of a spiritual origin.


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