Anyone ever feel 'strange' sensations when in deep prayer/meditation?





Yesterday while I was meditating/praying, I felt and clairvoyantly saw an orb of white light right above my crown chakra (above head) I also felt energy moving about my body especially the right side of my lower back 🙂 Any one have similar or different experiences?
Lets keep this positive and respect everyones beliefs from believer to non believer 🙂
Love Light and Peace 🙂
By strange I mean unfamiliar, I have felt these for a while so they are natural and welcomed by me. I was just referring to people that do not usually experience this 🙂
Love Light and Peace:)
Light headed or weak feeling can be a sign of having reached a higher energy level that your bodies arent used to. In this case you need grounding 🙂 A good way to ground and what I usually do to ground after meditation or prayer is taking a walk outside in nature. You can also walk around barefoot, garden or do something that has to do with soil. You can also hold grounding stones and crystals such as obsidian or hematite or in my opinion any heavy stone preferably if it was in the ground and it is freshly picked 🙂
🙂 🙂 🙂


  1. Today I did my first meditation, was a bit hard focusing at first, but eventually, i meditated, I saw places, I saw images of an eye for few times, I saw colourful lights as if it was shining through from a spectrum. I crossed the sea, I flew on the sky, I felt a sensation between my eyebrows, not sure what that means. I definitely feel like I entered few phases, like different energies entering my body at interval times. I had a sensation on my left shoulder and it felt significant, it felt colder than other parts of my body.. and I’m positive I didn’t ground myself coz I was feeling light-headed, then I grounded myself and the excess energy and here I am commenting on this post. Nothing visited me yet, haven’t seen my crown chakra and other chakras. But I sure did experience something less physical today!

  2. I agree with F C, I believe you did it right, so to speak. I have had similar results from meditating. You can try to “move” the light through the line of chakras as well. You can also try focusing the energy through your body. I find that last one leaves me feeling energized for the rest of the day.

  3. Yes, but nothing with lights but a burning sensation of happiness and deep peace. Sometimes I’ll feel really weak afterward and light-headed for some reason but at the same time feel great peace and understanding.

  4. Yeah, when I was praying, I sometimes felt like I was about to faint. And sometimes I felt that I could be more focus about it than I was usually.

  5. Sometimes when you get above and beyond the active subconscious mind, you are in tune with a higher energy that penetrates your mind and hence your body. It is harmonic, so it tends to flow and heal spots that harbor tension and negative energy. Occasionally I feel a crack and jolt in one spot, like a chiropractic adjustment, something akin to electrical energy flowing followed by a big sigh and release of some tension.

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