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anyone ever been in a sweat lodge?

I’ve only been in one once, but it was an amazing experience, the guy doing it was a shaman on mt. Shasta, so has anyone had a “spiritual experience” i mean, i’m atheistic, but some crazy stuff was going on in there, and afterword i just felt so good… hmm…
P.S. don’t give answers like this:
1. Sweat lodges are satanic devil worshipping rituals! convert! convert and save your soul!
2. he probably put pot on the rocks.


  1. We’ve got one at the YMCA. They are awesome. Some people call them saunas. The only downfall is when the old men come in, they usually are naked. I wear a bathing suit.

  2. Ever spent time in the south on a hot summer day? It is a natural sweat lodge.
    No I have never been in a sweat lodge and never will be if I can help it.

  3. Those whom share such a rich Spiritual Experience with an outsider would not welcome it being aired out in such a public manor. Many people read these and think they can do it without the proper guiding protections… Some have even died from heat stroke for such disrespectful sharing. It is not unlike a proper fasting, those not prepared for it put their life at risk.
    My deepest appoligies to any and all Native People that were offended by my former name. Someone was kind enough to share the TRUTH with me.

  4. I am Lakota. I sweat regularly. I don’t post it on the internet. You are not Native. You have never been to a REAL sweat cuz we don’t have shamans. Shamans are from white culture. We do not appreciate people like you and your shaman stealing our ceremonies and basterdizing them, then plastering it all over the internet. Thats how whites die, and the problem with that is it gives MY people a bad rep and then YOUR social workers want to stop us from practicing OUR beliefs with OUR children
    .——–EDIT——First, I am a Woman. Second you non-Natives may not like my response (from your sad emails and comments) but judging by th thumbs ups I got I’d say my sisters and brothers agree. Scream on, your words are proof that you are no differnt then your predocessors who first stole our land and massacred our people.
    —-MORE EDIT—-He did not learn from us Lakota. All the shamans claim this. First we would never teach a non-Lakota (never mind non-Native). Second no one trained by us would call themselves Shaman. We are very strict. Do you realize that in most (probably all) Nations those who are taught to do ceremonies are chosen as children, usually before age 5. So you can see how an adult or teen showing up on a rez to learn to do ceremonies is just not going to happen. So get your facts straight because we are sick and tired of the arrogant racist attitude of others telling us how our people really do things.

  5. No but I put a lot of blankets on myself & woke up sweating & the cold went away…then my husband did that at another time & he had the same results. We never spoke about it but later someone asked about how to get rid of a cold & we both shared what we did. So it was amazing to us…..I would like some kind of healhy experience that will help me get out of the stuck way I am right now so I am going to do that again. I think it changes your energy some how. I have needed a change for a long time & while I know it is dangerous I still think there is something beneficial to it. I think many people who live in air conditioning & heated places now might not be adjusted to this so they have to be careful.EDIT: oh the Lakota above me thinks he owns the right to sweat lodges.

  6. I myself do not have a problem with people doing sweat lodges who are non native, I mean you guys go to saunas all the time. BUT if you are non-native you have to be MUCH more careful. My specific tribe, does not participate in them, so I cannot tell you about them at a first account. However, you must understand, the tribes who DO use sweat lodges have been doing it for a LONG time. They know what they are doing. I’ve heard stories where, white “shamans” killed people because they were inexperienced with this type of thing. And I’m sorry but unless you are Native or a CLOSE friend of a Native, you will never experience an actual sweat lodge. And about your “pot” comment, there was something about 5 years ago where a white shaman put drugs in the peoples drinks to make them more spiritual.
    Basically, I just want you to be careful and not end up on the news as another white idiot who listened to some other white idiot who called himself WhiteRiverMan.

  7. if a muslim decided to dress like a priest and charge people for a authentic mass, the catholics would be up in arms.
    if a pagan tried to set up a business doing mock baptisms the entire christian world would demand a stop to it.
    if a christian dressed like a rabbi and started holding bar mitsvahs for their congregation jewish people would be furious.
    so why is it that the sacred ceremonies of native nations are mocked regularly by some non natives who make a hefty living off the gullible with their “authentic” fake sweats and sundances and vision quests. people die every year because they listen to those who are not qualified nor have the right to perform these acts. it happened again in sedona arizona recently. and every time it happens, the government gets that much closer to REGULATING our ceremonies! not because WE need regulating but because YOU do.
    you know we used to share things openly, but we soon discovered every single thing we shared, we lost. it was taken from us. now you want to take our spirituality and make it your own to sell and abuse? no. the time of taking from us is nearly at an end. we won’t stand for it any longer.
    and to the one above who sarcastically stated that the lakota think they own the rights to sweat lodges…they DO. them and the few other nations who have had them as one of their sacred ceremonies for centuries. i know its hard for you to understand no when you hear it because so many are used to simply taking whateve they want from us simply because they want it. well get used to hearing no from now on. we will not give away our spirituality too.
    if those who have no right to our ceremonies continue to abuse them, you have only yourselves to blame when something goes terribly wrong. don’t mess with things you don’t understand and were never meant for you to begin with.
    and to answer your question no…i have never been in a sweat lodge. i’m a traditional but i have enough respect for another nation’s ways to not use something that is not mine. we have our ceremonies and that is enough. its what we were given and the ceremonies of another are not mine to take.
    ETA: in regards to your message to me via email.
    From: Acheus
    Subject: this guy WAS authentic…
    Message: he had been doing this for several years, he had spent large portions of his life living with lakotas. try and get some facts before running your mouth.
    i don’t care what he told you about living with lakota. native people do NOT train non natives to be “shamans” or anything else. either your friend was lying to you or he too is a victim of fraud. do you realize how many frauds use the same old story of having been taugh by natives? its a lie. people who are not raised in the culture and live in the community are NOT taught such things. period.
    do NOT try to tell me i don’t know my own culture but you do. its arrogant and bigoted.

  8. Downtown Winnipeg, there is “church” professing to be First Nations & open to all. A white former coworker said her & her family had been attending & gone to sweats there. I don’t have the name, but will try to find out & post later.
    Her & her husband & kids couldn’t be more white if they tried & I remember chuckling, trying to picture them participating. I just offer this info so that the people who take this as a sacred & private matter can see where “outsiders” are getting some of their info from.
    When I lived on a Rez, they told me a lot about the rules of participating, what is considered clean & not, etc, but I never participated. In real life, I’m kind of shy & prefer to just watch & listen.

  9. JAMES RAY – Perfect example of non-natives trying to pull off native ceremonies.
    I do sweat regularly, almost every Sunday and when needed. I do honestly believe you have never been in a real sweat though, first issue being, we have no such things as Shamans, where’d you get that? Disney’s Brother Bear??? I suppose he had a spirit guide too? Pshh, this is why people get messed up perceived images of Natives, I really do think that non-natives should not be practicing anything they know nothing about and if absolutely necessary; Find a real Native, people get hurt when playing with our ways.


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