Anyone else seen a ghost? Is there a way that i can enhance psychic powers?





Anyone? Love some answers and tips please?


  1. The sixth sense can be trained. It is free and it only takes one minute a day, no kidding. To have psychic powers not only means you see ghosts, demons and can predict the future, it also means you have no fear and you simply trust the voice inside of you.
    To remote view is to see the unseen. Go on and for free you get to be trained to become a psychic. The more proof you get, the more psychic you become.The more I remote view on, the more psychic I have become.
    I tell very few people what I see in my life because most people cannot see what I can see and what you want to see. If I tell people what I see, they will brand me as crazy, as they have in the past.
    To be a psychic is to be a quiet observer. The more you will keep your experiences to yourself, the more psychic you will become. In order to become a psychic, you need valid proof and that is why a very generous man donated his time and money to give us for free the website.
    Can you predict a color, sn object, a scene or a person ? What if you gave it a try, to find out that you too can !

  2. Ok, well i for one believe in ghosts..
    I’ve experienced too much in my life.. to not believe in them !
    As for enhancing physic powers.. that may not be as easy as you would like.
    It depends.. and varies from person to person
    I would suggest meditation.. seeing as it’s a great way to channel yourself.
    It helps to open your third eye.. which is what im assuming is what your looking for.
    The third eye, is open to psychic awarness.. you can visualize it opening during meditation
    Aligning/adjusting your chakras is always good. and it definetly helps.. seeing as it removes negative energy and leaves you feeling refreshed.
    There’s lots more techniques or excersises tthat can help.
    So, if you want to continue with this, im sure you will find what your looking for.

  3. Dabbling with the unknown can be exciting as it can also be dangerous. I’m not one to challenge any ones beliefs, only my own. If you are seeking positive energy, ask a positive person.

  4. There is one way.
    One should develop praying mood, correctly understand Holy Scriptures, to do good deeds of love and compassion to everyone. And when God sees that you are humiliated enough, He will give you all deserved powers.
    This way is Jesus.

  5. With spiritual things I know only a little. I have seen them too. My aunt’s house was known to have them, or one, and I did see it one time. I also have had encounters in various parts of my life. I think some people are spiritually aware and some . . . well their spirit is less “awake”. If your spirit wakes up and you are aware of it, then good for you.
    I had to learn that those who might be extremely good at guiding a young person in worldly non-spiritual things tend to have no experience with spiritual things and ten to deny the existence of them. To me, spirituality is “the expressions of the spirit”, where those things which are “hidden” become apparent, but only to the perception of the individual.
    I have since learned that God is Spirit, and He is looking for those who worship Him in spirit and truth, as Jesus said. When so affected, as I have been, I find myself at odds with the church on some things. It seems to me that the church tries to understand too much without the guidance of God.. . sheer irony, but I do find myself in an extreme minority within Christianity because of what God teaches me.
    The best way in spiritual things that I know of is to rely on God by doing what He said; to trust Him for what he said and what He has done. That makes me a Christian not because I set out to become a “Christian”, but to know God. The label of Christian is then applied to me because of the way I believe God. Not just to be a Christian, but to trust God for every word which comes out of the mouth of God. Such an approach seems to defeat the legalistic attitude of the church, It also protects me from the negative parts of the spiritual world.

  6. They aren’t ghosts. They are spirits or angels. Ghost has a negative feeling attached to it, and I don’t like using that term for them. I have the ability to see them. I’ve have some very powerful experiences with it. Everyone has a guardian, you need to meditate, try to connect with your guardian. It is his/her job to help protect you from evil, so it’s important you learn to trust your intuition. If something feels wrong, it probably is. But meditate, seek out the opportunities. The more you open yourself, they fill find you. I have seen, and heard things. And sometimes they can touch you. (I don’t mean that in a dirty way.) I have felt them sit down on my bed, or stroke my hair. I think I mostly see family members, and they are almost always around.
    It’s not suppose to be scary. I find great comfort in their presence, that they are still with me, looking after me, and that I know people go on after they die. You just need to make sure you protect yourself. Because while it doesn’t have to scare you, there are some very evil scary tings out there that would love to communicate with you.

  7. People tell you this crap, to sell you something. Believe what you want to believe, but I just told you the way it is.
    Be prepared if you practice these beliefs that people will brand you as a kook and shun you from mainstream, but Im guessing you are not IN the mainstream and are looking for a good fit somewhere.
    Also these people are so set in their belief systems that you will not convince them anything.

  8. Not all ghosts are demons. That’s just absurd. Either you have psychic abilities, or you don’t. If you don’t, you can’t attain it. If you do, you may not be as gifted as you think.

  9. Binaural Beats (Brainwave Entrainment)
    Binaural beats are a pair of frequencies, the difference in frequency in both ears cause a certain mental states. You’ll need headphones and a quiet place for this to work.

  10. I’ve seen orbs, but no way to identify them as ghosts.
    As far as developing your powers, practice! work with people you know are interested in the same thing.

  11. It is a dangerous thing to play with demons, because they are only out to destroy your life, and kill you if they can. Ghosts are demons.

  12. …start wearing an Aluminum foil hat… and consider taking the hair dryer into the bath tub with you at least 3 times a week… that should get the “powers” flowing !

  13. I have seen entities come straight through my walls. But they weren’t ghosts, they were Aliens. Honest
    You can use the Violet Flame to activate your pineal-gland in meditation. The p-gland is our intuitive center and link to cosmic-knowledge

  14. No, all you can hope for is to do some magic tricks and decieve people.
    Save yourself the time and read a science book.

  15. Try meditating and check out a book on opening chakras. It helps. Ignore christians, they are filled with negative karma.

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