anyone else have years of extensive experience with what is labelled 'sleep paralysis' like to share with me?

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i underwent decades of sleep paralysis, for a long time before i even classified it as such, sometimes 5 or 6 nights a week. i’m trying to learn about other people’s experiences with it. now, i’ve learned to control it; i can induce it at will, or cut it off if i am entering the state. anyone want to share their experiences? i want to see if mine have similarities.

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Have experienced it for years with no control over it at all. Please share your ability to control it!!!!!


First time I’ve heard about sleep paralysis. I think you ought to share your remarks and experiences with specialist doctors although I don’t believe a word of what you’re saying.


if you are describing what i think you are describing, there is a great book called “toscanini’s fumble” about strange physical/psychological conditions (each chapter is about a different condition – fascinating). i’m pretty sure there is a chapter on that condition which explains it VERY well.
here’s one from wikipedia too:


Happen to me twice . Over 20 years ago. 1st time I thought the house was haunted. The 2nd time I thought I was being abducted by aliens. It’s scary. My eyes were open and I felt like I was floating off the bed. I couldn’t scream. I was totally paralysis.
Glad it never happen again.


It has only happened to me twice. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t move or talk either time. I woke from a deep sleep on both occasions and could see my surroundings but was unable to do anything. I called my aunt and talked to her and she told me it sounded like sleep paralysis. It hasn’t happened anymore. I am thankful for that. This was about four months ago and I thought I was having some kind of near death experience.

Andrew J

I battled with that for years … thinking I was being possessed or something .. went to doctors, psychiatrists, even priests … but just had to deal with it … It’s like your wide awake, but can’t move save for a few inches at a time, and you are totally cognizant of what is going on around you … but there’s a looming, almost ominous, felling of dread wrapped around you as well ….. Eventually, it just stopped. Towards the end of what I called, “the attacks”, I found that once i felt it coming on, if I meditated a bit, inside the attack, I could overcome it. Hope that helps.


Yes, mentally you have woken up but you cannot move your body at all , it is the most awful feeling..I associate it with frightening dreams and snapping out of them really quickly to escape from whatever was bad in the dream … but the body seems to take ages to respond and you are trying to lift your head or turn over but nothing works. I understand now what is happening and tend to sit it out a bit more calmly …mostly anyway.


i have had experience of this once in my life, and it was incredibly frightening…..i was about 15, and was living in a very stressfull situation,my father was dying of cancer….and i went a few nights without sleep..i finally did sleep and on waking i found that my eyes could only slightly open and i couldnt move at all… i lay there for what seemed like 20 mins..couldnt even make a sound…was inwardly panicking and could do nothing….i remember calming myself, and concentrating on just moving my toes….and slowly my toes could move….this spread slowly through the rest of my body until i was able to move, but i remember even as i swung my legs round to the edge of the bed, that my ability to move had this dreamlike quality of moving through treacle…….and it was a few mins before i was back to normal……very frigtening exp, hope it never happens again….i know it wasnt a drem…. i could hear people downstairs and was totally awake…have also just read sum of your other ansewrs and am a practicing member of nichiren buddhism……v. interesting to read your responses. 🙂


I’ve had episodes of sleep paralysis and sleep apnea for years now. I can’t control mine, so it’s still terrifying when it happens. Over the years, I have learned to recognize when I have an episode coming on, but I still can’t seem to cut it off when I feel it coming. I used to see a person standing above me when the episodes started, but that has diminshed over time. I’ve also had a few minor experiences with something similar to astral projection when the apnea and paralysis come on at the same time.
My episodes don’t come on nearly as often as yours do, maybe 3 to 4 times per week when I’m in a bad cycle. Even though I know that I’m entering a cycle, I’m still terrified when it happens. I still try to fight it and I still have the same results. When I’m able to snap myself out of it, I can’t stay awake for more than a few seconds, then the cycle starts up again.
I hope this helped. At the very least, it helped me a bit.


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