Home Discussion Forum Anyone else have a past life experience? If so care to share?

Anyone else have a past life experience? If so care to share?

I have been getting into past life regression as of late and wanted to hear some other peoples personal experiences… good or bad? detailed or simple? time period? male or female? I am just curious ^_^
And I would perfer if the answers were not those stating that past lives dont exist. because I have been through past life regression and there is no doubt in my mind that it does in fact exist.
The past regression that I did was on myself not paid for and not by a hypnotheripist.


  1. i sometimes wonder if this is what deja-vu is…maybe it’s from a previous life, or maybe it is a bumping of our alternate reality along the space time continuum…can’t say for sure though…

  2. Up until about the age of 16 I use to have dreams that would come true. It wouldn’t be anything earth shaking, just mundane events. I miss my dreams.

  3. Jessi, dear, is it possible you are fooling yourself? Does your hypnotist specialize in past-life regression? Could a hypnotist who specializes in this field ever do anything other than lead you to believe that you have lived before? And don’t you really want to believe it, too?
    You can believe anything you try to believe. Seeing some truth and reality is a matter of getting behind and around all the stuff you would like to believe and seeing what is really there.
    It’s your money and you can spend it how you want, but past-life regression people are running a con game, just like the 976-psychics used to.
    I’m actually just trying to help. Reality should be your friend.


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