Anyone else angry at the environmentalists saying you need to do this and that, you need to drive a hybrid?

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They want to force everyone into going “green”, they want you to spend half your paycheck on organic food, to ride bycicles everywhere, to hug a tree.
They turn food into fuel and are against new oil refinires, will they be the cause of our nation’s downfall?

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Rebecca W

No, I don’t mind it at all because if you start looking into it, you’ll see they are right. They aren’t “forcing” anything, but don’t you think it’s better to be “forced” into being green than to be dead from polution, or for people to be starving from lack of taking care of the planet?
This isn’t a game we’re playing. It’s not IF. Science is pointing in one direction and if we want to live, we need to change – change now and work together to improve things or wait too long and be dead. Which is better?

playInTheClouds :)

the world an environment is always changing, and always has been, the water has always been rising too. the government cant change how the earth acts; what i think anyways


Yes, our arrogance is and will be our downfall. Watch the documentary called “What killed the electric car”. It was on the movie channels a few months back. It amazes me that they had fully functional electric only vehicles that folks in California were leasing. California did have a mandate to lower their emissions by like 2005. So the electric car was doing great for the owners in California. Somehow or another the mandate for lower emissions changed as politics and big oil got involved. They actually destroyed these electric cars. So now they want us to buy an automoble that still demands oil as well as electric. Big oils gotta fit in somewhere as they’re fattening our politicians wallets. What freaking since does it make to take our food and convert it to fuel. I’ve not heard of a country yet that has solved their hunger crisis. And the last I checked, fuel costs alone was killing the cost of our food. So now we steal food for fuel, again rising the cost of food even more. Yep, we’re dictated too more than we and our government would like to admit. It’s all about the money.


You, along with every other human is responsible for our planet. It would also be nice if you could care about your own well-being and that of others. The downfall of this nation, in the long run will be mass pollution, global warming and illnesses born from pointless chemicals.


I, for one, don’t much believe in the global warming myth. Hello – much of mid-America was under glaciers – it’s ALWAYS been warming! I would like to see us dig in Alaska for oil, and all the places we’ve been told we can’t, because the wildlife might get upset. While I do believe we should be conscientious about our usage of products, I don’t think the environmentalists have the answers.


Yes, oh yes they will. The wacko branch of this group are the ones who are destroying our ability to be a self sufficient nation by not allowing drilling to save a frigging butterfly. By turning food into fuel, they have caused an incredible shortfall in our food source so our prices go up and the shortages are staggering. They just don’t get that every thing they want to take away has a consequence and a huge chain reaction that inevitably puts us all in jeopardy.


not angry, just waiting for them to submit their donations to their good cause. as soon as i receive my check, it’s off to the hybrids we go!


It is far, far more likely that our own greed, shortsightedness and monumental arrogance will be our downfall.

Organic Hippy 420

I will have to say I am not angry.
I dont think you really understand the overpopulation crisis this world is experiencing.
Someone driving a car polluting the air a little is one thing. A billion people driving cars polluting the air is a whole new story.
Nations downfall? Your a truly a t.v. brainwashed fool. Incase you didn’t know there are safer alternatives to everything and they don’t require you to spend half your paycheck.
And another thing if you forgot our nation has been on a downfall since the 70’s. You think its a big coincidence that we are experience problems now that has never been experienced in the history of the world in only 40 years?! Half of these problems coincide with changes in government laws and population explosion.
You really need to open your damn eyes and take a look at the world around you. If you want to eat food laced with potentially hazardous chemicals and you would rather drive a car that probably leaks oil and antifreeze everywhere you go and support coal energy that poisons your children’s water then go for it BUT DONT YOU DARE SAY THAT THE PEOPLE WANTING CHANGE FOR THE BETTER WILL BE THIS NATIONS DOWNFALL, ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU!


first of all hybrid cars are probably not cost effective ,it probably won’t save much more gas than the best conventional car.the difference in pollution also negligible,it’s mostly a” feel good” im doing something… to fuel is a bad idea,because petroleum products are high heat yielding ,so can make your car-truck go farther,than the same amount of ethanol,about 3 times farther,so we use high heat gas-diesel to produce low heat ethanol ,do the math,………..we have started recycling plastics and paper and metal,to save landfill space ,but we only recycle the easy stuff ,we still dump any plastic higher than #2,most packaging still gets landfilled ,much Styrofoam could be recycled but most places don’t have a place to deposit it so it gets landfilled,………..please don’t be anti-green ,do what you can,lobby for more,talk it up ,with your friends and associates,if you don’t approve of the environmentalists,be a better one ,adopt what they do well ,and dump the rest,don’t just write them off as kooks you get kooks in all sectors,don’t let the kooks blind you to the message,we are messing up on a global scale,some proper fixing needs to start……..tom


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