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Anyone doing any tarot card reading tonight and have your cards been on the dark side?

It just feels like there is a shadow over them for some reason. Anyone else getting that feeling too?


  1. I havent been doing any…but I feel really dark and like extra angry for no reason..its really weird…im not sure if its my bi polar or what..lol

  2. I have been reading the cards for 25 years and there is no such thing as a “dark side”. You may however be picking up on the energy of someone around you. Maybe they are feeling depressed.

  3. Years ago my older sister got a deck of tarot cards and we thought it was just for play. But soon after she began to try to read a fortune some very strange things started to happen.
    She was reading them one night and she saw in them that she would be divorced. She was a year later, and she came home her husband was in bed with another woman. It was devastating.
    She also had two bouts with cancer. She did not die from that. We also played with a Ouija board because at the time of all this we did not know it was wrong. we were Episcopalians and they do not know about the devil and such.
    Well when you play with the Ouija board you take demons on and your life is worse then it was before. I also went twice to see a fortune teller. The things they told me were horrible. I was so scared. And the things did come true. It took me years to get free from the curses that came on me from dabbling in the occult.
    My brother and a man I was friends with and another guy I knew that was a friend too, died within 3 weeks a part from each other. it freaked me out.
    Not till about 20 years later did I finally get free. I was born again, and spirit filled and was going to a Charismatic church we were all in a circle and the Pastor said someone here thinks they are cursed. It was me. They never touched me but they all gathered around and they prayed in tongues over me and the demons left me. I fell to the floor as my knees went limp from the anointing of God.
    I learned never to dabble in the occult again. I repented of it and I was delivered of other things that got on me from those times I was so dumb and foolish.
    I hope this helps others to beware of the occult.

  4. Hello Prarie Crone. *smiles*
    I’ve been using my deck this day and will continue to use it through the night and I don’t feel much of anything different on my deck. Neither do I feel anything different from my bible, stones, iChing or any of the others. I use more than one for most questions and I have them all beside me right now since I’ve been using them but don’t feel anything different.
    I very much doubt you would forget to cleanse them as others have said and I trust you know very well how to handle them. I imagine you are asking to see if you can get to the bottom of why you feel the way you do about your cards and perhaps there is something/someone near that has attached themselves to your life. You might want to do anther cleansing see if that changes anything as well as a cleansing on yourself too.
    Camille (I believe that is the name of one of the answerers) I have seen your “answers” to other questions and many times you don’t really answer the question. You are not a tarot reader or any sort of reader for that matter and you answered a question that is meant for a specific group. Your response is always welcome but when you talk down on the beliefs of others when it wasn’t even close to an answer you’re just preaching and harrassing all people who are not christian and that is worth reporting to Yahoo answers.
    Now I wonder if perhaps you are not delusional or a shock addict.. or even that you are addicted to fear because tarot has been part of my life for as long as I could remember and never in my life has anything bad every come of it. There is nothing funny about the experiences you had which happened to be around the same time you were “playing” with your tarot cards but to blame them for all of those actions is laughable. Are you seriously saying that the cards killed others? What sort of harsh God do you believe in that would consider that a just punishment for reading cards.
    God is a loving god and would not punish others for what YOU did. It just doesn’t make sense that a superior being that is so complex would see any reason in doing something like that. It’s just hard for me to see this magnificent being thinking “Darn it! Camille is misbehaving again so let me kill her family to teach her a lesson” and poor family didn’t even know.
    So while we would welcome and TRUE answers to the questions listed here we do not appreciate you preaching your religion to us when it is not part of the discussion. If it isn’t relevant just leave it out. I’m still rolling my eyes over the claims of how bad things happened to everyone around you except YOU who were the one using these tools.
    Blessings to you and yours Prarie Crone,
    Shadow Storm

  5. I have felt it for a long time now approaching. If I am not mistaken, it is directly related to wireless broadcasting control. These signals interract with the brain’s psychic channels. We have to keep focused. Watch your back!

  6. I haven’t done any readings in quite awhile now Praire Crone. Since others have already responded and not mentioned feeling anything out of the ordinary perhaps the cause is localized near you. I hope you figure out what it is and get it worked out.
    Camille, I agree very strongly with Storm Shadow. I have seen your “answers” on many occult related questions lately and all of them consist of nothing more than fear mongering and proselytizing. Please understand, most of us who work with the occult have heard it all before and yet have not had the horrifying experiences that you and many others claim. Also, many of us have already been through and left Christianity and have absolutely no interest in going back. You certainly appear to have a negative opinion about occult practices, and that’s okay, they’re not for everybody. I understand that you don’t agree with what we do but please, give us the same respect to travel our own paths that we give to you.

  7. I once did a tarot reading outside…. I spread the cards out on my OUIJA board…. it was a little windy, so I held them down with my Magic Eight Ball…
    Guess what happened?


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