Home Discussion Forum Anyone believe in what John Edward (psychic medium) does???

Anyone believe in what John Edward (psychic medium) does???

Do you really think he can contact the other side and if so why can’t everyone???


  1. I believe in what he does, which is engage in cold readings.
    I just don’t believe in what he says he does.
    I also believe that if anyone were to hold out hope to a grieving person and would base that hope on lies and manipulation, that person would be a pretty offensive individual.

  2. John Edwards “mentalist” act is a slick bit of side-show carnie hucksterism. It’s called “cold reading” ….fire a million vague questions at the marks and get THEM to make the connections. Remember, these people WANT to believe…they are desperate to find a connection with anything he spits out.
    It is not supernatural, he doesn’t contact the dead. James van Praagh and Sylivia Brown have a similar schtick, but they aren’t as good as Edwards. They all take emotional and financial advantage of vulnerable people. It is kind of sick.

  3. I believe he might have a gift however he does use cold readings alot of the time which makes me very skeptical of him. Cold readings are reading peoples reaction and responces to things. To answer your question why cant everyone do that.. It is simple some people were born with the gift and it comes natural. However i think everyone has some form of psychic ability. Most would just call it intuition and it is something that can be learned and grow over time.Most of the time it just requires one to just pay attention to things around them and their own feelings about things.

  4. I believe that he doesn’t contact them … they contact *him*. I think everyone has the ability John Edwards has, but don’t believe in it, so it doesn’t manifest. This is why the spirits contact Edwards rather than contacting their loved ones directly. They contact the ones that are open to their presence.

  5. John Edwards is nothing more than a carnival huckster. He performs an act called “cold reading”. Basically, he will stab around in the dark until he finds something that MAY relate to someone, and then by reading their reactions, give out “information” based on reactions. What you see on tv is a SERIOUSLY editted version of one of his performances. Usually, one sitting will take 3-4 hours, and involve a lot of mistakes…all of which are removed during the editting process. Its a farce. No one can talk to the dead…because they’re DEAD.

  6. No – I believe it is a sham and a farce. Sometimes familiar spirits (demons) that know the dead persons life and history because they follow families down through generations, will deceive people into thinking they have contacted a dead loved one. But none of this is Biblical or in the nature or character of God. God clearly states that His people should come directly to Him for all communication. It is far too easy for satan to use this to sidetrack people away from God.

  7. I believe he’s for real, but averages only about 50% accuracy. He can be a bit overbearing with members of his audience. I have watched his program numerous times and I realize it is edited. Yet he has come up with some things that are off the wall and amazing. Like any Medium he plays off the person he’s reading to see if he’s warm. Yet when he describes items placed in the casket’s, it’s just erry.

  8. Yes I believe he can.He is way too specific on too many things when going into an audience.Pay attention to him and you’ll start to understand what I mean.He has created his own system to understand and to help others understand his gift.
    Any way he stands i9n front of an open audience of people he has never seen or spoken to any of these people before and can give specific information on moments,names,birthdays,relationship,personality traits,personal references and etc.If you don’t believe how would you explain his 99.9% accuracy when he reads strangers?
    Another very good thing to point out is this:he gets very offended when the person he is reading gives him ANY information.He’ll go so far as to hush them or tell them to stop.He also tells them that he’s telling them.Thats significant…He in essence is saying I am telling you don’t tell me anything just yes or no answers…Period…How could a fake pull that off?
    Everyone is psychic but so few choose to be open enough to it.Children see spirits and so on and then when they hit a certain age parents tell them it isn’t okay or normal.So children begin to filter and sheild to the point that they don’t see any more…Thats the way society works sadly…To fit in means you have to be closed minded on certain possibilities and aspects that are considered abnormal.Such as seeing dead people…
    Yes I believe John Edwards is the real deal because my mom was totally awesome and didn’t tell me having an invisible friend or talking to family members that had passed was abnormal.She taught me unconditionally that “Anything is possible”.And I am teaching that to my daughter:)
    Afterthought:you’ll notice alot of people dissing the “cold reading” method and yes it is a method however what these people totally fail to mention is that he gives specific information such as dates causes of death specific names and he also hits accurately on personal nicknames or moments that were shared specificly and only by the person being read and the person who has crossed.His readings are at such a high accuracy how does a cold reading give him that information?Seriously skeptics tell me how does a “cold reading” give him that specific information?You can’t read a date, name,cause of death or memory from a person’s facial expression or body language…Think about it…Oh and if you watch him he isn’t always looking at that person when he gives that information he is usually either turned away or looking into the audience….To do a cold reading you must be focused solely on the person in front of you.

  9. I believe whole heartily in John Edward and his work. I think that if people were to raise their level of consciousness and believe that there is a life outside of this world, they could do the same thing as John Edward. I also believe that we are able to communicate with the deceased on some kind of level, but we sometimes choose to ignore the signs and symbols placed right in front of us. There are very few psychic mediums who are real and not out to get the public money. John Edward’s is one of them.

  10. @ Malia G:
    99.9% is far from it. Shows are edited from 4 hours down to what you see, stop being so naive. There are countless documented cases of John Edward gaining , and lying about, information before shows.
    My opinion, he’s a con artist. Simple. I mean really, do you think your dead relatives are just waiting around in a que to get contacted/ to contact some some random bloke just to say “hi”?


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