Anyone believe in the ascension/is a lightworker?

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Ok, I know most of society is against movements such as the new age, but this question goes out to those who are aware and probably among the few (%) in the world who know truly what the ascending of consciousness is. Let’s see how many people here on yahoo answers know 🙂 How long have you known about the ascension? To skeptics, all I can say is, have an open mind and find your truths – but allow freedom of thought. I have also created a social network for Indigo/crystal children at . 🙂

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i love learning about this kinda stuff
ive known about 2 years now, all thanks to my aunty and friend. long story how i got into it,
but iam DEFENITELY aware of evveeeerryything and im 14 😛


I have been a lightworker for over 15 years and a meditator for much longer. I follow the teachings of the Tibetan (and the Christ) as recorded by Alice Bailey. I also help to facilitate alchemical fire circles (see link below for a video). For lack of another label I consider myself a hermeticist.


Sounds quite individualistic.
One problem, though, is that the word used already has a meaning.
Our Lord rose from earth and empowered his church in the process.
Let’s preserve this distinction. Thanks.


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