• The answer to your question is NO.

    And YES, psychics are real, and the pidgeon brained aren’t willing to look into the university studies that prove it.

  • Psychics are real; I’m one of them. It is not in my better interest to state publicly some of my predictions because I also predict that doing so will set myself up as a suspect in certain crimes.

    It’s always a constant battle over what to do and what not to do…

  • I knew you were going to ask that question, too! All kidding aside, I believe that there are people who are definitely more sensitive and are extremely intuitive or have what they call a sixth sense. Some people also have strong abilities in the area of telepathy. But those skills I believe can only be honed and observed when the psychic is in the same astral plane as the other subject.

  • *sends a telepathic answer*

    Hope you can hear that. If not, I’ll type it here too:

    Don’t make me read your mind when you have a computer right in front of you and have 10 wiggly fingers that can type out your question. Demanding stupid human tricks is very rude.

  • Just because someone believes in psychic powers doesn’t mean they are “pigeon brained”. It’s a faith belief that some people have. I assume that was your question.

  • Depends on the question perhaps you could more specific. There are many honest good people out there… let them hear from you.

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