Anybody want to give me some Out of Body Experience tips, stories, walktroughs or just anything OBE related?

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Anything you can tell me is great, just no links please
please no links.
I was into this kinda stuff a year ago but I got bored and stopped thinking about it. I used to get quite alot of spontaneous sleep paralysis and a couple of freaky weird experiences that could defentley have been OBE’s.
Anyways im bored and I wanna get into this stuff again.
lol, Yahoo catogorized this question into mental health
if you give me a link at least dont give me an answer that looks comepletley copied and pasted please, give me something a bit personal with a spelling mistake or two

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Apostle Jeff

One day while I was driving and praising the Lord, my soul left my body and encircled my body. It was so cool. I saw how I looked from behind me as my soul passed through glass and metal. It lasted for over one minute. It was awesome!


Be careful.
I knew a guy who got a book about this.
It involved massaging his temples in a certain way and claimed that out of body experiences would follow.
The next time I saw him, about a year later, he was a wreck. Obviously mentally ill and unstable. He’d lost all his fun and was always, literally, turning round sharply, checking behind him.
Tread carefully friend.


i have this amazing book called Human and it’s just so much fun to read. inside it, i read that OBE’s are just a ‘trick of the brain’ and that there is no such thing. But i, for one, am just as interested in it as you are. i hope to experience it one day!

Thomas F

I had a bad accident. I was tboned at an intersection in a vw that threw me out of the car. I went through the valley of death and ended up at God’s feet.They were size 99…He shook the heck out of me and wasn’t very pleased…the next thing I knew Dallas FTD was waking me up…


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