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Anybody see their aura?

So i’ve been reading up on Reiki because im going to start taking the classes next month. In my research, i stumbled across aura information and it really captured my attention. They say you can teach yourself, so i have been trying since monday with a few exercises some of the websites have given. So today i was staring at my brow chakra and just kept my eyes focused on one spot and a bright silver white yellowish aura was all around the parts of me i saw in the mirror mostly my head and shoulders. if i sway side to side it moves with me it grows and it shrinks. it made my heart race so fast because i couldnt believe it worked and i wanted to throw up and cry? anybody else see their aura? after i saw it a few different times it remained the same color. u know when u stare at a bright light and close your eyes u see hazy lights? well the aura glow was a lot like that. i looked up what whiteish silver yellow meant and it says SILVER AURA COLOR: This is the color of abundance, both spiritual and physical. Lots of bright silver can reflect to plenty of money, and/or awakening of the cosmic mind. Since today was the first day i could see my aura, i believe it!!! i know i dont have plenty of money but i think because i had the awakening of the cosmic mind. Anyone else see their aura?
it only takes me about 4 seconds of focusing to see it now.


  • No. But I have seen the visual illusion that tricks people into thinking they are seeing auras. It’s called retinal fatigue, and it produces a residual image after staring at an object for a length of time.

    There’s no scientific reason to think that visible auras are real.

  • I can see my own and anyone else around me who is open.
    I am blue, my husband red, his brother green, my Tai Chi instructor is yellowish gold
    i know blue has something to do with protection, I am a natural shielder
    red is emotions, he’s an empath
    green is healing, at only ten years old he has healed a bruise on his own arm before my eyes
    don’t remember what yellow gold is, but he is open to all of the chakras

  • Forget the money BS…being interested in spiritualism has nothing to do with money…forget that nonsense. But I do believe in auras.

  • I have never seen mine or anyone else’s, but after years of meditation and reiki work I can sense them and I can percieve a colour that I think fits, but I dont actually see it.

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