Home Discussion Forum Anybody know someone who reads tarot cards in Phoenix?

Anybody know someone who reads tarot cards in Phoenix?

I’m trying to find somebody who reads tarot cards. I don’t want to stop at one of those places that’s on the side of a main street with a big sign outside. I’ve personally known people who have read my cards. So I’m trying to find someone who can give a recommendation based on personal experience. Not from a phone book.


  1. why do you want to throw your money away anyways?
    if those bull sh it tarot card or psychics are legit, why can’t they win the lottery, or why can’t they be aware that you need their help?

  2. There’s a large new age bookstore on Scottsdale Blvd — it’s called Vision Quest. They have a half-dozen or so tarot readers that give readings. Not intimidating at all — since it’s a largish store, you can even stop in and browse a bit to check out the feeling. It’s at 2225 N Scottsdale Road.


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