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Anybody ever had any "past life readings" or "regressions?" Care to share some details?


  1. I had my past lives read. I took a tape recorder and asked the reader if she minded I taped it. She didn’t, and I was glad I did. Being able to listen to it again gave me better insight. One kind of fun thing, she said my protective spirits are pastel Fu dogs. They are all around me all the time. They wanted me to buy a set of Fu dogs to have in my house to remind me that they are always with me as protection. I enjoy my Fu dog figurines.

  2. Yup!
    Was told that my late wife was a vocalist and I was her manager, three lives past.
    I had been a Centurion under Caesar, in Italy.
    Been there and had deja-vu in Florence. I could live there.
    I’m half Italian, born in US.

  3. A friend did a quick reading for me and some of the things she said linked back to my geneology. It was amazing because I hadn’t told her about the research I was working on yet much of what she said turned up in it. She also said I need to learn to vocalize myself more but I’m probably holding back because in a past life I was killed due to being outspoken.

  4. I have had past life regression, threw hypnosis, the details are mainly minor compared to the focus of the regression, they seem to relate to problems that you are experiencing in this life vision. Traumatic events unfold that give you direct clues towards understanding present dilemmas. I had a disastrous carriage accident that killed family members, and my self. I have a horrible phobia that prevents me from driving a car. The past event helped me understand where the fear was coming from.

  5. Yes i’ve seen a story of mine in ancient Egypt, few pictures developping a story. It’s an easy thing you can do if you want to. When you go to a place you’ve never been before and feel like knowing it then just unfocus like daydreaming then a thought or a picture may come to your mind a past life picture. Try it good luck

  6. I had a very curious experience when i was a child. I was at a wedding reception, and I was wandering around the hall after the dinner was over, and I came to the kitchen doors and peeked through the crack between them. Just as I got there, a fire started in a pile of tablecloths which was quickly extinguished, (I didn’t see how it happened) but the kitchen filled up with a weird sickly smell rather like that of burning bacon. When it hit my nostrils, I was filled with the most AWFUL and inexplicable feeling of dread and horror that I almost fainted.I remember I thought to myself “That’s what burning bodies smell like” although at that point I had never even SEEN a dead body, much less smelled one burning! I could not explain my extreme reaction to that odd smell (It had never happened before or since), nor could I explain to myself how I knew it had to do with burning bodies. I only knew I was VERY happy when Mum said it was time to leave and I could get away from that sickening stench, a little bit of which had escaped into the hall. I never said anything to her about it, and I forgot the incident…until years later, I read the book “The Second Messiah”, which described in some detail the death of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar, Jacques de Molay, who was not burned to death in the usual fashion on a large flaming pyre, but was slowly ‘roasted’ to death over hot coals…and upon reading this description of his horrible death, I instantly remembered that childhood incident, and I KNEW then what it was that had affected me so deeply; the stench I smelled that night had wakened a “past-life memory”! P.S. I also had an extreme emotional reaction to the story, at the same time.

  7. Had a wonderful one done when I was younger (teens). Father of my best friend (guy) regressed both of us together. We’d always felt we “knew” each other before, even when we first met. So, in the regression, we discovered that he had been a Southern soldier in the Civil War — and I had been a “camp follower” when he served with Gen(?). Hooker’s troops (yes, that IS where the word came from!). Ahem — that seemed to explain a lot of things. Of course, wishful thinking could always have been a factor in this, but it WAS a heck of a lot of fun and seemed totally real at the time.


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