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Anybody ever argue with their Spirit Guide?

I had a Spirit Guide who gave me terrible dating advice and then persuaded me to get involved in a bad real estate deal. Boy, did I have it out with him. Anyway, I got a new Spirit Guide and all is well. Anybody else have similar experiences?

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  1. No I haven’t. But you bring up an interesting question. How do spirit guides get the job, anyway? Talk about having a lot of responsibility! Sounds like you got a bad apple.

  2. I “knew” this couldn’t be a serious question..coming from you!! lol But , (if it was my spirit guide..YES!) It told me to do things and I said “no” ..and it YELLED at me ..to DO IT !! It turned out to confirm it wasn’t me talking to myself. Like you (if that really did happen to you)…I got misled a LOT of times. Maybe there was more than one spirit..confusing me. I’d say I’d never listen or follow their advice again..but ..if it’s happened to you..you know..it’s addictive…becomes a way of life…depending on their advice. (I know better now!)
    edit..OR…could be that I misunderstood their advice.
    EDIT hislady…I didn’t mean that it yelled in a bad way…just so that I would KNOW that it wasn’t me..and so I could HEAR it. I can remember 3 times this happened..when I said no..or kept doing what it said not to do. It wasn’t bad advice or telling me anything bad to do. Kind of like a scolding for not believing. BTW…we have 19plus ducks here. I’m not sure if you meant them or a lot of people I’ve known. If this is a message for me..ask them to speak in plain simple language. They know that I hate “parables” or whatever they are..that “secret” talk caused me to be misled. by my .misinterpreting.it. Sorry..maybe I was supposed to let you know that. I DO know what that means.I know it’s called discernment. I used to “walk in faith ” before…now I TRY to use discernment..about people. Hope you understand what I’m saying.I also know that if someone reminds me of someone else..then they probably ARE like that person.Wish others would realize this.Thanks for the message.

  3. Did you sign a waiver absolving your spirit guide of all culpability in the event of wrong doing? If not you could have legal recourse. I would sue.

  4. I mentally argue with myself which could be close to the same thing but you need to fire this spirit who you consider your guide, it sounds like a devil in disguise!

  5. Yes. I ended up going someplace I shouldn’t have. But he was just to convincing…if you want to see what he tricked me into doing in 1994, and in 1986…go to ArgonMonkey at Yahoo’s blog sight. I am way up here in Washington State. But I was holding a conversation over that period of time, with my so called spirit guide. Go to the first entry back in January1st. This is what was going on with me, while their happened to be a rash of UFO’s in Texas…

  6. I had what I thought was a guide, but she turned out to be a Muse. And she was a comedy Muse at that, man we had a lot of fun, but didn’t get much done on the spiritual level. She is still around but I work more with a other guide now.

  7. A true spirit guide would never give you bad advice, would never yell at you or any of that sort of thing. I’ve never had it happen, I’ve had spirits pretend to be my spirit guide, but I ousted them eventually (gee, talk about feeling stupid and gullible). But I’ve never had one treat me badly. In fact, I’ve come to learn through getting to my own how to tell a true spirit guide from a phony.
    Deenie… I’m told to tell you to trust yourself. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it IS a duck. IOW, you didn’t misunderstand anything. He shouldn’t have yelled at you. Ever.
    Love and light

  8. I’m not sure it’s the same thing but I argued with my animal ally when I first met it during a Shamanic Journey about what it actually was, turned out he was right and it’s attributes (according to Shamanic lore) fit me perfectly where what I thought it to be did not.
    Also, why do you or anyone else think that a spirit is all knowing? I don’t take bad advice (if I think it’s bad) from the living or the deceased and I don’t think any spirit has any more answers about what will happen on Earth (my plane/dimension of existence) than I do.
    If a spirit guide is who you turn to for a money deal you may need to examine the concept of spirit guide a little further.

  9. I’ve never had a spirit guide.They all seem like sanctimonious know-it-alls to me.I do have a fairy God-Mother and man-o man, is she something.

  10. I haven’t argued, but not paid attention when I knew better. When a noticeable feeling overtakes you and you may think: ‘how odd’, that’s probably a divine cue or message. I followed one cue for years successfully only to blow it later. The last time it happened was minutes before my brother drowned. If I’d listened, he might still be here. Tough lesson.

  11. obviously you haven’t familiarized yourself with an integral metaphysical creed and axiom; all things happen for a reason.
    go boldly,

  12. I had a “spirit guide” when I was very young (I called her my guardian angel). She taught me things I didn’t learn formally until years later, like shielding. I turned to her for good advice many times. The one thing we disagreed about was religion, which was ironic in a sense. She taught me about spirituality, but she wanted me to be Christian. Of, course, she wasnt like “or else youll go to hell” (lol) but she told me she thought it was the right path for me. I also believed she was my great-grandmother. I haven’t spoke to her for a while now though. As I got older and became Wiccan, she seems to have faded to memories. I guess I dont need her support any longer.

  13. Spirit guides are demons and are not to be messed with. God’s word in the Bible (Deuteronomy) forbids occult practices.

  14. Hello
    Guides do not give bad advice.
    We, humans, can hear any advice that we wish – what you heard was your desires & within your mind you wrapped them up as from a guide so that you could do something that on a subcosncious level you new was not a good move.
    join ~ Practice Tarot. Psychic Development.
    Clairvoyancy. Hypnotherapy. Meditation.
    All Like Minded Folk Welcome


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