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Any ways to stimulate the pituitary gland or increase growth hormone to grow taller?

I was wondering if there are anyways to stimulate the pituitary gland or to increase the amount of growth hormone to grow taller. I haven’t grown taller in like 2 years and I’m 16 an not noticing any change. HELP PLEASE!


  1. at the health food store they sell human growth hormone
    or you can take more pituitary in glandular and it should help too.
    How ever you still have some growing to do till age 25 yrs. old

  2. A high protein diet will make the body create more hgh. Arginine in high doses stimulates HGH. Deep sleep stimulates HGH. Exercise stimulates HGH. Don’t listen to the people saying you grow ’till you’re 25 either. That’s very rare

  3. I wouldn’t go purchasing “human growth hormones” at a health food store, but I do agree with Nathan’s advice. If you’re genetically programmed to be 5’9″, you’re probably not going to be able to force yourself to be 6’3″ with diet changes. If you were really, truly too small for your age, your doctor would have brought it up by now.
    MANY of my guy friends went though CRAZY growth spurts around 18-20 years old….so much that I remember being completely shocked when I would see them during holidays home from college.

  4. Please DO NOT purchase HGH from a health store or any place else. True HGH is made in a lab that you need a prescription for and given by injections according to your weight. Too much HGH is not good either. If you’re truly are interested in HGH and/or growing taller, talk to an endocrinologist, they specialize in this area.

  5. Yes there is an easy and safe way to increase height within a short period of tim, stimulating your own growth abilities. The results depend on the effort and dedication of each one. Growth results depend mostly on your age, health, bones density, diet and genetic level.
    Stretching is not enough. You need a formula that combines good nutrition, exercises and the right supplement, such as GFV, which is a combination of the amino acids you need.
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