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Any way I can treat my depression and anxiety (without meds) through meditation or some spiritual practice?

I can’t go to the doctor anymore because we don’t have the money for that so I can’t get the help I am supposed to be getting. I have been diagnosed as having depression and anxiety.
Any way I can treat my depression and anxiety through meditation or some spiritual practice?


  1. Accomplishment.
    When I was working with homeless teens, I used to tell them, “your self esteem can never sink lower than the greatest thing you’ve ever done for another human being.”
    If you get the opportunity to save someone else’s life, there always be at least one person in the world who thinks of you as a godsend, a hero or a savior, and as long as it’s true for them, it has to be true for you too. There’s nothing you can do to change the past. It’s always there for you.

  2. You can put a band-aid on it with spirituality, but treating it will take a lot of personal effort on your part to become a better and more satisfied person. If you feel you are wasting your time, do something you consider worthwhile, or something to help your fellow man.

  3. Prayer certainly helps. Here’s a special prayer revealed by the Bab, which to me is very effective when repeated many times over:
    “Is there any remover of difficulties, save God? Say: Praised be God. He is God. All are His servants and all abide by His bidding”.

  4. For a medication substitute, you can try using St. John’s Wort – usually available over-the-counter. It can sometimes help with depression (I’m not sure about anxiety).
    You can also work on relaxation techniques to combat anxiety, and on improving your negative thinking patterns to help with depression. There are numerous ‘self-help’ articles and books on how to go about starting this.

  5. yes. since i found Jesus i’ve been able to quit taking effexor. i use to have severe depression and panic attacks all the time. but never again ! im a catholic and we have a strong emphasis on contemplative prayer which is kind of like meditating. i think its the contemplative prayer that has helped me the most so i would imagine that meditation would help as well. meditate on the love of GOD, on the fact that no matter what happens, He is always with you. or just clear your mind and put yourself in His presence at the begining of each day. it will help alot.

  6. I sometimes think that the whole world is one big ball of depression…So many things that we have to go through in life, all the hardships, trials and tribulations that we suffer through and everybody have had to deal with one disappointment or another, so why aren’t more people on medication….Well, let me tell you the answer…Most people choose to deny that they even have some sort of mental illness or im-balance in the brain…I have proof of this because most professional people who have gotten doctorate level degrees in Psychology and as a Psychiatrist often enter this field because they suffered through some traumatic events in their lives and elected to “SWEEP these EVENTS” under the rug, supress them and pretend that they never took place…So, to balance out the guilt that they feel, they make a promise to themselves to help cure every person or child who suffers with these demons in their brain because this is their way of doing something for humanity….So, can we conclude that most of these professional people are a little disturbed?….Absolutely, but will never admit it out loud…I am not referring to all of them, but some are definitely….So, how do one handle these illnessess without medication?…They need to keep their brain active day and night to keep the voices quite…Find a hobby or an interest to take your mind of of your depression…Practice Yoga technigues, exercising and most of all praying to GOD that he delivers you from these demons that have taken up resident in your mind….Rely on your strength and Faith in GOD that he will deliver you from this and say something positive that will penetrate your spirit every day…Just say, “I AM HEALED ALREADY IN THE MATCHLESS NAME OF CHRIST JESUS, AMEN.”…..Girl, God can turn this around for you where you would not have to depend on another drug in your life…It takes time though…Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, your strength and your soul and mind and he will do just what you ask of HIM….God Bless you….

  7. Not quite what you asked, but this might help. I hope you can get a dietary supplement called St. John’s Wort. I take four capsules of 300 mg. St John’s Wort, an herbal supplement every day. I think it helps with depression. The word “wort” just means plant. St. John’s Plant. God bless!

  8. depression is due to unfulfilled desires.
    anxiety is due to lack of self confidence.
    both these -ve emotions lead us to unhappy life.
    to solve a problem, we should go 2 d root cause & remove it.
    first, take life as it comes, have desires but don’t b attached 2 them.
    second, b self confident always [u can do it, u r inferior 2 none!!]. [because d real u is the spirit/soul inside of ur body, that’s a part of the omnipotent, omniscient & omnipresent Super-soul/God].
    third, think positive & optimistic always.
    fourth, decide 2 b happy always, never allow unhappiness overcome u.
    above all think, speak & do good 2 others, the same will come back 2 u [law of karma].
    now u may ask me how about that meditation & spiritual practices i asked for?
    Well, what i told u above r in fact the process of meditation & spiritual practices!
    but never go for ritual practices in the name of spirituality! people wrongly think that ritual practices r spiritual practices, but no, it’s not!
    meditation is nothing but channelizing your thoughts.
    spiritual practices r nothing but developing ur spiritual qualities.
    by following those above processes u can surely make urself happy all the time because u r what u think. if u think u should b happy then u will!
    happiness is like sunshine, when it dawns all darkness i.e. ur unhappiness [worries, depressions, anxieties, tensions] will disappear automatically!
    yea, i do teach yoga & meditation and so, if u want 2 know more, u can contact me at: goodmannaorem[at]yahoo[dot]com
    you also can visit my google-group at:

  9. Hello
    Yes, you can heal anything through meditation. It has been studied that all di-eases are a cause of feeling separate from your Source, that source is what ever you choose to call it. I call it God.
    I have had some success in meditational healing for myself, for family and for friends. This is a very empowering way to heal, and much better than drugs. You will find that you will not only heal your depression and anxiety, but you will heal your life.
    The process may take a little longer than with drugs, but the lasting affects are so amazing. Try it.
    Feel free to visit my website http://jennprothero.webs.com/
    Sending you legions of angels to help you


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