any tips on how to write a near death experience or scary scene?

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so i’m writing a book and it’s horror romance. if you want to read it here it is:;_ylt=AtFlDsM.BNSnfKEvNtfHu33sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091105091346AAKnT9p
So anyways do you have any tips on how to write a scene like that or things to know when writing a death scene?
thanks for any tips/help at all.
i’ve actually had a near death experience so yeah.

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Explain in ‘vivid’ detail what happens, so it seems very real and scary to the reader.
Please answer my question!


I think it helps to learn about the things that can happen when near death. Did you know if you get punched hard enough, you can have a seizure? I learned that watching MMA fights. Handy, huh?


ill use an example of what to do and what not to do (it works best for me)
Dave and his twin Alex were driving fast along the roads. Their car stopped when another slammed into them.
Cars were a blur on the highway as Dave and his twin Alex drove despertly to their destination. Out of nowhere, with a piercing screech, a car violently swerved into theirs.
See the difference? Both say the same thing, but the second one has much more description. If I were you, I’d write it “normally” in laymans terms, but when editing, break out the thesaurus and improve the words. Its all about vivid imagery.


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