Any tips on first time astral projection?

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Its my first time, and I really would like to do it right.

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Put down some newspaper just in case.


Light fuse. Get away.

Old School Hero

I’ve never heard of it working the first time for anyone. So my “tip” is, don’t get discouraged. Keep at it.

Dreamstuff Entity

If you can “do it right”, James Randi has $1,000,000 with your name on it.
Nobody’s ever claimed it.

the REAL truth

do it but once, and turn into the girl in the exorcist


I’ve never had any luck with astral projection, and I’ve tried plenty of times. I would say don’t give up and don’t let the fear take over you. Protect yourself with positive energy.


don’t do it. You will encounter the demonic realm and get one for yourself.


check out the astral projection binaural beats/mp3s be safe and good luck


Never give up


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