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Any Tai Chi practioners in Texas?

I’m looking for Tai Chi Chuan practioners / teachers in Texas. Specifically, in the San Angelo or Abilene area of Texas. Any out there?
Who is Master Blue?
Looked at taichiforum and tried taichisearch.com, but not really anyone advertising their presence in that area. Was hoping there would be some other suggestions or practitioners on here that are in the area.


  1. I don’t know of anyone specifically who teaches in either San Angelo or Abilene. The closest people that I know of who do teach are Master Jimmy Wong in Dallas, Master Sal Delarosa in San Antonio, and Master Tom Gohring in Austin. However I did a search on Yahoo for Tai Chi and there were several results in those areas. I may not know them, but depending on your purposes, they may be good instructors.
    Good luck.


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