Home Discussion Forum Any suggestions for books for me to read?

Any suggestions for books for me to read?

Ok, I was wondering if anyone knows of any of the following books and if they are any good or not. Also, do you know of anything similar to these books that I might find interesting based on the books I list. I like psychology, especially applied psychology. I like philosophy too, and anything strange. I also don’t like Catholicism.):
“The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy
“People who Make Your Life Hell: Managing the People who Try to Control You” by Lois Grant
“The Professional Dreamer: 6 Simple Steps that Turn Dreams into Reality” by Ghalil
I’m really just trying to free myself of brain damage I got from being Catholic. Anything that you think might be helpful would be appreciated. Anything except smartass, self righteous Catholic responses. Anything but smartass “get a life” or “you have too much time on your hands” answers. Who needs that crap?
I’m really Curious about “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”. Has anyone read it? Is it useful?
So you’ve basically discredited the bible David M.


  1. “People who Make Your Life Hell: Managing the People who Try to Control You” by Lois Grant
    My cousin read it and said it was a good read.

  2. So you might not want to hear my answer… tough.
    I think I am a lot like you, particularly earlier in my life. I got really heady, you know? Life is to be lived. Find your own truth. Experience. Be conscious.
    Finding answers in books is just borrowing ideas from other people instead of the catholic faith.
    Regardless of what you hear, you are going to do what you want and need at the time, and that’s perfectly good too.
    Just to let you know, after reading book after book, I have only found real answers in looking honestly at myself; the thoughts, emotions, desires, actions, interactions that take place from moment to moment. In doing this will you find your truth. You can’t learn it through info from another, unless it is simply helping you walk this path.

  3. How To Choose Your People, by Ruth Minshull. It’s out of print. I found one on eBay. I lent my last copy and never got it back, it’s so good I had to have another copy.

  4. The Games People play. Eric Berne.
    Basically berne says thatb when people interact with each other they take on a role. This book helps you interpret the roles and consequently what is really going on in the interaction.


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