Home Discussion Forum Any suggestion for mid-life crisis ?

Any suggestion for mid-life crisis ?

35, male, Single. Never gave a damn fr bucks.Was more attracted toward spiritual, academic and literary things. Recently did Master’s in literature. Of late, feeling like repenting. One needs enough bucks in life to be happy. Interested in computer works but feel too old to start a new career. Still, can’t do anything dishonest or inhumane. Any suggestion ?


  1. What about a literature teacher or professor?
    Don’t be afraid to go back to school because of you age, I work as a Recruiter and people of every age way older than you are going back to school or just finished. You should do some research on-line to see where you can apply your knowledge and degree’s. Good luck!

  2. Mid life Crisis? You aren’t old enough for that yet!
    If you fancy running your own online business check out the Thirty Day Challenge.
    It’s a course designed to help you establish a sustainable online business within 30 days. This year’s started a few days ago but still time to get involved.
    It’s run by real internet millionaires, it’s absolutely free and what they teach is cutting edge. There are more six figures earners(and a few millionaires) who credit this with their success than anything else.
    It’s intense, it’s great fun and if nothing else you will get the opportunity to make friends from all over the world!


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