Any Spells or Candle Magic rituals to help attract Money into your life?

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Any Spells or Candle Magic rituals to help attract Money into your life?for someone who would like more money flow and clients into their life to help them accomplish things?

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I need too those spells.. someone told me to put number 8 in your wallet.. I think to draw in a piece of paper. I am not sure..


I have a spell….”hocus getajobus”

Free Thinker

Magic shouldn’t be a ‘quick fix’ for things like that. But I have read that mangoes are supposed to be a symbol of prosperity. The number eight is the money number in numerology, as I believe the first poster mentioned.


If such things worked, there wouldn’t be any poor people.

Anthony W

It is called WORK!

Erik L

I’ve heard of putting runes on a dollar bill and trying not to spend it.
I’ve also heard of lighting a green candle and other such candle spells.
Though there are sites that have archived spells that you can look at. Search the internet.


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