Any scientific proof of energy healing systems?

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Any scientific proof of energy healing systems?
many civilisations have the concept of chi, qi, prana etc
& purport to harness the energy for well-being & healing
thru reiki, johrei, pranic healing etc.
is there any scientific proof, or is it just the placebo effect ?
and can the energy field be “seen” thru any technique / instrument ?

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Denis S

Not yet.
“Inventors” shy away from controlled experimental tests which would help prove their systems work (Hmmm I wonder why?).


Reiki is a proven science of treatment for diseases for which medicines and other treatments have failed.
It works with transferring or spreading energy points in the body.
For example, if you fall down and get hurt and got a wound, do u think it’s the medicine tht cure you? no medicines would be antibiotic tht stops the bacterial growth, helping the healing process.
So what heals the wound?
When you start trying to answer the question, you’ll understand the answer for your own question…


There is no scientific evidence that Reiki or any other energy based BS can heal you.


That may be, but it is being kept quiet as usual…just like UFOs and such things are being kept quiet.
Can you see the energy field? I believe the Celestine Prophecy teachings instruct you how to see energy fields. But measuring them will prove to be futile…as this involves an energy system above and beyond conventional measuring equipment.
If you can find a way of measuring the aether/quantum field, you might be able to apply this here.


Hi O’Neil,
No there is none official proof. Suspect lot of things get covered up, most likely for big business. However it is a FACT that placebos (sugar drugs that people think are real) work 50% of the time! Our own energy belief system healing ourselves. There are also some well documented cases about the placebo effect (search on net)
There is a video coming up at (being edited now, might take a week or two) revealing some mind shaking insider info on healing.


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