Any recommended guides to meditation?

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I need a book with how to details of all the meditation types. Any recommended titles and authors?

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No need for a book – just sit down and think about it all.


Shinzen Young is quite interesting. He’s done studies of the use of mediation in various religions and produced audio books that guide you through it all as well as guiding you in mediation. You could also look up Transcendental Meditation – the skeptic sites are quite good, and give you mantras and stuff. You could consider joining a Buddhist group. I think having a go with someone who can give you guidance might be more beneficial at first to get you into it. It’s an experiential learning, rather than an academic study. You could just sit and relax and lets thoughts float through your mind or try focusing on a mantra or thought and try doing it.
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I don’t know any great books in Meditation, but this audio program has really helped me a great deal. I highly recommend it!
Holosync is a sophisticated form of audio technology that induces the brain wave patterns of deep meditation. Users experience all the benefits of a traditional meditation practice, but in an accelerated time-frame.


yes, I highly recopmed The Art of meditation by Stuart Wilde. it is actually on a tape or CD & it has a little book that comes with it that describes different types of meditation & on the Cd it has ametronome that you listen to that with regular use with slow down your brain into alpha or theta state. I think the little book is quite good at describing the different ypes of meditation, it is sghort & to the point.


No need for a book…and there really are not different types of meditation (unless confusingly they include forms of contemplation).
Try this very simple, yet powerful meditation in the article ‘Effortless Meditation’ in the Other Work section of
Also of possible interest is a 15-minute audio podcast episode called ‘The Art of Meditation’ (ep. 6) on the same site under Podcasts (OOM).
~ Eric Putkonen

Rolf Cerny

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