Home Discussion Forum Any recommendations for instruction videos in Tai chi or Shotokan Karate?

Any recommendations for instruction videos in Tai chi or Shotokan Karate?

I have taken classes in both these disciplines before and am not currently able to find classes near by. I just want to try and keep up my mid level skills.


  1. The “Century” martial arts supply website has good instructional videos on Shotokan katas. Each one is demonstrated at least 3 or 4 times, in different ways (regular speed, regular speed from a different view, slow, slow from a different view, against attackers, regular speed again, a whole group practicing the kata).
    Not only that, but the person explaining the kata is one of the Funikosi family members (I think the guy’s name is Keith Funikoshi…been awhile since I watched the DVDs).

  2. Shotokan has many “authorized” videos out there. If you’re seeking Shotokan stay with these.
    Tai Chi does not refer to a particular style that has been regimented through an organization. Hence the quality of these DVDs is often not up to the level you may wish for.
    Unless you are a very skilled practitioner, instructional videos in these complex arts are of little value. Tai Chi like Chi Quong and Aikido is among the most subtle of the martial arts and it is NOT possible to learn without feeling the weight exchanges and momentum shifts in your instructor.
    As a reminder of the range of techniques or the order of techniques in a kata these videos are great but trying to learn new techniques without the hands on direction of a qualified instructor is extremely difficult. It’s very similar to trying to perform surgery after watching it being done on House.
    You may get the majority of the process done correctly but the patient will still die.
    Martial Arts is not yoga (even the static yoga postures are composed of many stressors weighing against each other) and yoga is hard to learn solely via video despite their ready availability on the net.
    If you want to train and your first choices aren’t available make your selection from among those arts that are available. Yes there are many flavors of MA out there claiming to be the “True Path” or the “Best” and there’s little agreement on the question but all of them contain much of value. So if the best isn’t there go for the next best and take full advantage of your instructor’s ability to transfer kinesthetic, tactical and strategic skills not available on disk.
    Learning many different styles will only improve your abilities in the long run and if you’re not in it for the long haul look for something else to do for “exercise” that you enjoy and can keep doing.
    Good luck in your effort!

  3. This video helped me to refine the steps and is assisting me with my breathing. If you are already at the mid-level stage, it will help keep you to improve what you already know. It is well worth the money. Other videos I have seen have not come close to this one.


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