• I have skeptivoyance. I have the power to see through nonsense claims and pseudoscientific/mystic hogwash. I am sensing that you are about 20 years old and you are inquisitive about such things.

    (By the way, no there aren’t any real psychics or clairvoyants out there)

  • I can sense that at 20 years old you are ready to leave your childish ideas of fortune tellers and magic behind you and venture forth to experience the joys rational thinking and reality.
    Cast aside your cloak of superstition and step bravely into the amazing world of skeptical thinking!

  • I believe that psychic powers can be obtained but doubt that there is anyone who has ‘powers’ or at least a small portion of humans only have it. People like Sylvia Browne are just scam artists who only care about themselves. Beware of those who claim to have powers, first make sure if they are selling anything… if they are and it’s somehow related to their ‘power’ then they are frauds.

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