Home Discussion Forum Any random feng shui tips for my new apartment?

Any random feng shui tips for my new apartment?

I am moving into a new apartment with my baby and boyfriend on Saturday. It is a main floor of a house. I am just wondering what some feng shui tips anyone may have are to keep in mind while unpacking and arranging stuff.


  1. One of the basic principles of feng shui says that all clutter must be cleared away; you should only share your personal space with items that are useful, beautiful or sentimental. When a place is overridden with broken or useless items, your own energy and the energy of the space becomes overwhelmed. Clean regularly and perform repairs as quickly as possible.

  2. most people who get their fengshui info from books only knows the bagua method or clearing the clutter method, which are not fengshui methods.
    get a compass, go to the center of the house, not of room
    locate the following areas and do these things to balance them
    out (note: this method is only good for 2009, the locations
    will be different for 2010):
    – if your house faces northeast or east, you need to be extra careful this year (2009), because accidents in the family can happen
    – east: a bucket of water and a medium sized plant
    – northwest: 4 green living plants to attract people in your life, good for social life and attracting clients
    – west: a bucket of fresh clean water, replace this everyday, this will win you a small amount of money from time to time, unexpectedly; it also put out some fire which is in the west in 2009
    – south: put some water here to make you or children better in their studies
    – east: put something blue, to avoid conflicts
    – southeast: put a crystal
    – center (of house): put a green living plant, to make the family closer
    regarding the plant: must be green, must be living, replace it when it wilts/ dies; you cannot put plants when the area is a bedroom or a toilet/ bathroom – you can make your life worse/ complicated
    regarding water: you cannot put water in the bedroom
    you cannot do these in a bedroom. in fengshui, the whole house is always considered a unit, not just 1 room. if you implement these things in your bedroom, you will just complicate your life even more. and you always need to use a compass.

  3. oh! i read some where that you can’t block the windows, put mirrors in the places you look at most and make sure there is a clear pathway between doors, windows and chairs. i dunno if it will help……..
    also it says to organize and only keep the things you need most

  4. * place mirrors so that they dont reflect you while sleeping.
    (more detailed here ….http://messagenote.com/?p=33)
    * if you have a chance to chose where to play a bed, place it so that when you get up you see a pleasant view of the street or any painting
    * clean place is the must as was said before 🙂
    *if you have pets, they will help you decide where to locate bed, ect. they feel energy better.


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