Any psychics out there or clairvoyant people?






Can you sense anything about me?By they way,I look nothing like I do in my profile picture.Thanks for your answers.
LOL You guys are funny.Trust me,I’m not as gullible as you think.


  1. If you believe this garbage, then I can tell you something about you: you are very gullible.
    There is no such thing as psychic powers.

  2. I am psychic… but I can’t tell anything by your image. I have only been able to tell with one person on here. I was only able to tell there was something that got my attention. I told him about it and he said that he was also into psychic stuff. Sorry, I can’t help you.

  3. there used to be but something told them to leave the planet!

  4. did a Tarot reading for you ;
    The Devil
    The Devil Divinatory Meaning: The positive aspect of the devil is a healthy bond or commitment. If it’s drawn with the question of marriage in mind, it’s a good omen. In other cases however, the Devil is associated with lust and temptation and may mean a bondage to other things not so healthy for us such as additions, chemical abuse, drunk on power, or clinging to beliefs that do us more harm than good. There are also other kinds of bondage we can suffer from. This may be a case where we are fooling ourselves into believing something blatantly not good for us. An example might be thinking that getting drunk every night on red wine will make us live longer. If the Devil appears in your card, review the course you are on and make sure you’re not following a course more out of lower emotions such as lust, greed or desire, versus higher ones like love and altruism.
    The Hanged Man
    The Hanged Man Divinatory Meaning: The hanged man is a card that relates to self-sacrifice in order to attain a higher spiritual goal. The upside down position can reflect that this person is an outcast of society and tends to follow his or her own inner voice. The fact that the man is suspended upside down can represent a time of transition, limbo or a pause in life until something or someone is sacrificed for the greater gain of others. This card has been linked to spiritual lives such as Christ’s and the legends of Osiris where the destruction of the ego brings greater meaning and awareness to society. A negative slant on this card would represent poor health, a weakness of will, selfishness and a person who uses their self-sacrifice ways to become a martyr. It suggests patience and to watch out for paths that lead in a bad direction.
    The World
    Divinatory Meaning: This card depicts multiple elements of the word and beyond, signifying ‘wholeness’. It is both man and angel, bird and beast. It’s a good card to draw in that it represents completeness, contentment, harmony, success, prosperity and personal realization. This card can also mean the shedding of old and making way for the new. It encourages us to be patient, and if there is a negative side to this card it would be stagnation, impatience, and a soft will. However, the major thrust of this card is that the events of our life, in this world, are coming together to fulfill our dreams!

  5. you are eating your friends left over mac and cheese..while reading this and you just scratch your head…..
    no….nothing like it has happened but its a catch….it might be fun playing psychic but im not going to do that too fraud plus less people believe in those kind of stuff now….they learned raven was not either.

  6. your a very neutral naturalist, you tend not to hold people in judgment and don’t come across as opinionated.

  7. I can if you’re willing to give a picture. I am clairvoyant, but it’s not my strongest gift. It’s actually my weakest. My strongest gift is my clairsentience–I feel. And I’m very good at feeling things based on pictures. Got a myspace or “facebook” account with a picture you can send me to? But mostly… I can’t call on it yet. Stuff just comes to me.
    Hmmm…. right now I sense that you’re young, maybe late 20’s at the very most, inquisitive, a good sense of humor, almost a wicked one, you like teasing people, making them think, and you’re trying to suss out a real psychic either b/c you have questions or b/c you, like many on here, aren’t sure psychics are for real (I suspect the former rather than the latter, but I’m getting both at the moment). You’re not shy, but not super out-going either, sort of in the middle. You like being around people, but not the life of the party.
    How’d I do? You can email me through my profile if I’m correct.

  8. Eh, dunno…you got a lot of male energy — didn’t say you were male, just said you had a lot of male energy.

  9. I can sense that you are bored, avoiding housework, killing time, nothing on TV, etc.
    In answer to your question , no, there are no psychics or clairvoyants out here, or anywhere else since you ask.
    I also get the feeling that you expected some sensible answers, oh well…….

  10. I can see little things of the way people talk. I haven’t talked to you… I feel little annoyance, you are annoyed of someone or something? Then I sense good, you are kind and have true friends around you though you cannot see them sometimes. You have been fooled and you’re scared to trust. Was I right?

  11. I don’t beleive that I’m psychic or clairvoyant, and since this story is true it might be kind of boring. From here on it’s a paste of something I’ve written…
    I hate to leave myself wide open to ridicule like this. If something very strange hadn’t happened to me years ago I would be extremely skeptical of this whole subject. Additionally, this is gonna cost me a whole lotta typin’.
    OK. I was riding in the front passenger seat of my friend Dave’s 1940 Ford with his girlfriend Linda between us. We were just cruising randomly enjoying a drive through suburban/rural NJ. Suddenly I felt very strange. I closed my eyes and it was as though I’d stepped into a movie. The colors were deeper and brighter than real life. I saw us (still in the car) on the wrong side of the road. There were flashing red lights ahead of us and something going on up a hill on our left.
    This was totally unexpected and very vivid. I was startled. I opened my eyes and said something appropriate like HOLY SH*T! They asked me what that was about and I told them what happened to me. They asked me if I was high or something and I truthfully said no. They reassured me that it was probably nothing to worry about and Dave kept driving. We just cruised along for about another half hour or so going through quiet semi-rural neighborhoods. Then we came up on the exact scene I’d seen…there were police on the road directing us to drive on the wrong side to get us past some emergency vehicles that were there because a house was on fire up on the hill to our left. Dave and Linda looked at me with a mix of fear and astonishment, which was pretty much how I felt too. For about a week they were afraid of me, and of course I was pretty confused. Then I decided I must be psychic, something I’d never believed in. I went to the library and took out books on psychic phenomena. Some of them had exercises to increase psychic abilities and I tried the exercises. I was gonna clean up at the race track and stock market once I got this mastered! Well, the truth is I could never get anything at all to happen. Nothing! I couldn’t get a hunch that panned out. My conclusion is that I’m not psychic at all. Something that is usually apart from me somehow caused this phenonemen and it was totally random. I’m convinced that I have no psychic abilities whatsoever. I’m also convinced that on very rare occasions something like this happens to some people for no apparent reason.

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