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Any psychic or medium that can please tell me whats my mission in life n how can i meet my spirit guide?

dob 05/16/1985


  1. Go to the Mc Donalds on Main Street on the 2nd Tuesday of the third month of next year at 5 Pm. There you will meet a man with a yellow hat. Ignore him and ask him for a nickel. Once he gives it to you a girl in a striped shirt will lead you to a coffee shop there you will find money laying on the sidewalk return it to it’s owner. You will know the owner for it is the one drinking water, not coffe. Once all this has transpired take all of your money out of the bank and give it to me. That is your mission in life.
    Or you can make your own descisions intellegently and not ask people over the internet for psychic advice. C’mon!

  2. I see that you would be a good motivator for others,especially teenage girls when you are older.You have a very calming Presence and they would feel as though they could tell you anything.
    As far as your spirit guide,her name is Andriah,that is the way it sounds.You will feel her often.They don’t like to show themselves too much.It is very hard for them to come down to our vibration.Just talk to her,she can hear you.God Bless


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