Home Discussion Forum Any psychic mediums out there that can answer what i saw?

Any psychic mediums out there that can answer what i saw?

For the past few nights, I get this feeling like I’m not alone. Before I go to sleep, I’m in my room chilling and watching my shows. Suddenly i get this feeling like I’m not alone and I hear stuff moving alittle in my bathroom. My bathroom is attached to my room. Its not extreme things like stuff falling all over the place, I just hear sudden loud noises and such. After it keeps happening, I am wondering what is going on. When I’m ready for bed, I turn off my my tv and go to sleep, then suddenly I get this strong feeling like someone is standing beside my bed just staring hard at me. I would move but most of the time, I’m too scared to. Then sometimes I feel like someone is standing in front of the bathroom door. Other times I wake up in the middle of the night for no reason in panic and I instantly I know the feeling why and I know where its standing at. Finally it begin to get on my nerves. I learned from a psychic medium show teaching other mediums how to deal with a spirit that will not leave you alone. They said tell it to leave in a firm voice. So I got brave enough to do so. At first I told it in a normal voice. Please leave my room. Then I feel like they were not listening, so I got firm about it. Please Leave My Room! Just for a split second, I saw a human shape standing in front of the bathroom door looking at me. It was no shadow figure but it was shaped like one and it had a milky while bluish tent to it. It kind of looked see through. So my question is this. Have any psychic mediums saw this type of figure before and what is it?


  1. Yes. It might be a soul from someone who has a passed on, who is trying to materialize fully but can’t quite make it. Most probably, this soul is trying to ask you for your help. This other-world visitor hasn’t harmed you ..right? He/she was just trying to get your attention. And firmly telling a soul who actually wants your help to leave you isn’t quite nice to do! Depending on the religion you have, pray to God and His Angels of Light and Love to bless this soul, and help this visiting soul see the Light and guide him/her to the Light. You can also ask the Archangel Michael to put his protective Pillar of Light around you, and to put a Pillar of Light around this Soul, too, as well as take him/her Home. Good luck, and God bless you.

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  3. Hello Brittney
    Maybe it is your spirit guide or a departed/dead loved one or family friend returning to make contact with you. Just close your eyes and ask the spirit person to draw close to you, and ask it one question at a time. You will either see the answer as an image, or you will hear a voice or you can even hear a thought ok. Nothing to be worried about, you are a natural medium and you can help many people ok.
    Have a look at the web sites below where you can speak with like minded people:-
    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx


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