Home Discussion Forum Any people who love metaphysics out there?

Any people who love metaphysics out there?

I love metaphysics, unlike my friends who think its corny and stupid. I know alot about the subject ranging fromt he Akashic Records to the Kabbalah. Ayone else intrested as much as I am? I’d love some one to comment about it, I’d love to talk someone who loves it as much as I do.
I’m 16 but usually people think that that is too young to study subjects like this, but it really isn’t. I love metaphysics and the occult and am well versed in my lessons.


  1. I’ve been involved my whole life with metaphysics. But I’m old so you probably wouldn’t want to talk to me.

  2. Hi!!!! I live by metaphysics! i am 13, and i study symbolism, metaphysics, and ESP. I realy like metaphysics since i was a child. I think its awesom your into it. We should talk sometime. im also an expert on tarot and paranormal investigating.

  3. Metaphysics? COOL! im 16 and i think things like that are cool! witchcraft, cultrual magicks,Psychic powers, Kinetic powers.My friends only like it if they have proof.but their usualy just lazy. metaphysics is cool!

  4. divine or Earthly? either way Metaphysics is a subjet not to be toyed around with, the arcane don’t even mess with it besides knowing what it is.

  5. i love it i am 14 and i love it, i like psychic powers, angel oracle cards, paranormal investigations,and craft.

  6. I’m 39 and metaphysics are very much a part of my life. You might also be interested in checking out books on quantum physics. While I don’t recommend dabbling with occult type things so young, I see no problem with you reading up and studying them.

  7. Looks like a lot of fans on this one ,my field is specifically on the healing properties of the gemstones and bach flower remedies.Done my homework and started a business.

  8. It is good to see younger people interested in metaphysics. Hope you find some young friends to share the road of discovery with. I have been interested since my teens, and am now a grandma.

  9. I enjoy reading up on metaphysical subjects. It is what got me into healing practices. Metaphysics gives you an interesting perception of the world and helps you be more into your influence on the world. One of the respondents was correct in telling you to beware of the Arcane. You can do much damage if you are not careful. Jaguarwoman, you may be old, but you most likely have much wisdom in various areas of metaphysics. I loved working with my great grandmother and I miss her dearly. Bless you.

  10. I have always been religious. Believing in spirits..The last 4 months have gotten very strange with symbols all around me..sometimes it is very strange. Makes life so much more interesting.


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