any people involved in magick "seriously" please respond?

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what is the best way to get into magick?

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you mean magic?


Sorry, there is no such thing.
Stop watching David Copperfield please.


first step to magic is to spell it right! but seriously, the first step is to start out buy buying a simple book then you watch some YouTube videos. then you start to study magicians some (maybe like criss angel mindfreak) and watch some magic shows then if you really want to be a magician then you should go to if you really get into the magic!

Kitty P

First and foremost, Magic and Magick are the same thing. The word ‘Magick’ was adopted by a man named Aliester Crowley in order to make a clear distinction between ceremonial magic and stage magic. Both terms are accepted.
The best way to get involved in magic is to start reading. There are a ridiculous number of published works out there full of nonsense, and it’s very difficult to determine which books are accurate and which are garbage.
Two solid books which I’ll recommend for you are the following:
– 11 Lessons in High Magick, by Craig
– Postmodern Magic, by Dunn.
These are very good ‘beginner’ books into what Magic is all about, and offers you information as to what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and what it all means. They are well worth tracking down if you have a serious interest.
I’d recommend you stay away from the complex works like Crowley, as his writing is pretty heavy, and requires a good working knowledge of Magic to grasp a lot of what he’s talking about.
Good luck with your search!


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