Home Discussion Forum Any one scrying with crystal ball successfully? Please tell me your experiences.?

Any one scrying with crystal ball successfully? Please tell me your experiences.?

Come on! someone must have tried it?


  1. no, but you can also do it with a big black thing, or from what i’ve heard, a blank tv screen. it didn’t work when i tried but i tried it durring the day time and there was also a glare so maybe that’s why. i think it would be kind of spooky at night though.

  2. Yes, but it took several years of learning technique and concentration. I also took a Clear Ball that is never directly touched. Also the size and the base must fit the operant.
    Unless it is something quite serious it is much easier to use the Tarot.
    I may not speak of what has been Scryed for others. There were some I knew were coming to me, though.

  3. I have a Lavender crystal ball and I love to use it. I scry with it. There are many, many forms of scrying and I use my crystal ball and my cast iron pot the most.
    When I use my crystal ball, my sight blurrs and I have what feels like an epiphany. I just know the answer, question, or what has or has not or has yet to come. Sometimes I get nothing and I consider that to mean that I am not to know.

  4. I honestly did it by accident once and do it every now and then. You can scry in many things. Mirrors, clouds, water, fire, etc. I was in the dorms by myself once. Let me try to explain the look of the dorms. There was the door in one corner. When you walk into the room, our closet was right behind the door (when open) to the right. My bed was againt the wall to the left. Basically, if I was climbing into my bed (they were both lofted) and someone came in, the door would smack me. lol So, my side of the closet had a mirror on it. Right next to the closet was my computer against the wall. I hope that layout all makes sense. lol
    So, it’s early in the morning/late at night. My roomie is back at her parents’ house for the weekend. I stand behind my chair and just stare off in the direction of my mirror. Not really thinking about anything. Then all of the sudden the mirror went black. I freaked out a little and blinked my eyes. Still black. Then it looks like it was turning into water. It looked a little wavy, almost like I could put my hand through it. I freaked out more because at the time I had no idea what was going on. A lot of my abilities were coming in strong at the time and it was a big learning period for me. Needless to say, I really didn’t want to climb into bed with my back against that mirror. lol I ran up the ladder as quickly as I could.
    Sometimes I still do a little scrying, but that first time by accident was kinda freaky, again, mostly because I had no idea what was going on. lol


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