Any one know any succubi that might be interested in visiting a lonely depressed guy?

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This is an extremely serious question. I know exactly what a succubus is. I”m extremely depressed, lonely, and I have tons and tons of energy in need of release. I would consider it a great honor to be visited by a succubus. Don’t tell me to pray to God either. God and I are enemies and wouldn’t ask or pray to him for anything.

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Nick (Hates Twilight!)

1.) Find a bus – ANY kind (school bus, omnibus, etc.)
2.) Put your lips around its exhaust pipe
3.) SUCK like you never have before.
I hope this helps you.

flirtacious me

go find a vampire then

Luna Hawa

If you and God are enemies and you wouldn’t ask for or pray to Him for anything, then perhaps that’s why you’re lonely and depressed? Have you investigated that line of thought yet?


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