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any one care to discuss???? Im serious…?

Perhaps Zen is instructive because it is humorous. I would guess that if you took all such stories entirely seriously, you would miss the point as often as you would get it.
Maybe there’s something in your Tortoise-Zen.
Can you answer just one question for me? I would like to know this: Why did Bodhidharma come from India into China?
Oho! Shall I tell you what Jōshū said when he was asked that very question?
Please do.
He replied, “That oak tree in the garden.”
Of course; that’s just what I would have said. Except that I would have said it in answer to a different question–namely, “Where can I find some shade from the midday sun?”
Without knowing it, you have inadvertently hit upon one of the basic questions of Zen. That question, innocent as it sounds, actually means, “What is the basic principle of Zen?”
How extraordinary. I hadn’t the slightest idea that the central aim of Zen was to find some shade.
Oh, no–you’ve misunderstood me entirely. I wasn’t referring to that question. I meant your question about why Bodhidharma came from India into China.
i didnt write it… All I wrtoe was .. anyone care to discuss… it is Zen.
how about this then .. GEE
Q: How many Zen buddhists does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Three — one to change it, one to not-change it and one to both change- and not-change it
Oh and by the way .. i got sent this on e-mail, so I am not a follower of Zen as such.. just have a mild interest
Oh and by the way .. i got sent this on e-mail, so I am not a follower of Zen as such.. just have a mild interest


  1. If you can write such a long question, then i dont think you will really be interested in our answers. I didnt even read your question, too long,

  2. Do you think, perhaps, you may have been released into society a little too early? You were, released, weren’t you!

  3. A poor farmer was plowing his field, when a rabbit ran full tilt into a tree stump and broke his neck. The farmer, overjoyed at the prospect of rabbit for dinner, called his wife over to take the rabbit and prepare it for dinner. Then he lay down his hoe and sat by the stump to wait for another rabbit. That was one foolish farmer.

  4. Okay, I’m not entirely sure I understand this, but I’ll try my best. If Bodhidharma came from India into China to find the oak tree, then he wanted to find shade from the midday sun. “Shade” seems to be metiphorical for Zen, and the midday sun represents the chaos and pain in the world. So Bodhidharma went from India into China in search of peace, or Zen. Is this close to your interpretation?.

  5. And your question is when will you awaken and leave all this Zen rant on the mountain and step outside the loop which is the essence of Zen. You see, the monk had been sweeping and sweeping and the master came to him and said no not right yet. So the monk kept sweeping and still the master shook his head sideways. The monk finally gave up in desperation as I am sure some of your friends wish you would with your Zen, and the master took a branch from one of the overhanging trees and, over those too clean and barren tiles, he let the branch snap away from his fingers. A few leaves floated down in the silence and landed on the tiles. There, perfect, said the master, and walked away…

  6. “..Ch’an in Chinese (or Zen in Japanese) school.. Its founder was Bohdidharma, an Indian Buddhist master, came to China about the latter half of the fifth century and the first half of the sixth century. The main message which Bodhidharma sent to us runs like this:”
    “Not relying on the words and letters, Teachings are transmitted outside the Scriptures; Pointing directly into one’s mind, then one can see into his own nature and attains Buddhahood.”
    — taken from http://www.zenguide.com/principles/
    if you want more information on the basic principles of Zen, please go to that site. It might give you the backgound information you need in order to understand the conversation between the tortoise and Achilles.

  7. snigger..well done, you had a lot of answers.. and made me smile at your name and your questions.
    well done
    and like Zen I am wearing shades


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