Home Discussion Forum any one believe in reincarnation?

any one believe in reincarnation?

so recently i read the book many lives many masters by brian weiss and his patient catherine was able to see the places between her lives i was just wondering if anyone else could do this…. and if anyone wants to share their past life regressions…please if you think im crazy no one cares about ur oppinion


  1. Only in one sense. That Jesus is going to come and transform me into a spiritual person. I won’t need this old physical body anymore. I will be free from the boundaries of this world. free from time and spacial constraints like God is. I will be transformed, not really reincarnated.

  2. Yes i do im not a hindu but i believe that when you die God gives you a chance to return back to the physical world to live another life or consequences for your past life.

  3. i read a book probably quite similar ot that one called.. journey of souls. its with a hypnotherapist who takes patients back to past lives and stuff. yes i think it seems plausible

  4. This is an interesting question. No one knows if people have the ability to recall past lives or if it is all in the imagination. Studies have been conducted that reveal some kids remember living previous lives. Memories would include their “past” names, family member names, specific details of their past homes, addresses, careers, etc. Some recall living past lives in other countries and remembering the language. Once the researchers have determined the memories as being absolutely correct,questions still remain. It is a mystery.

  5. I do believe in reincarnation, but it’s not a simple chain of existence from one body to the next.
    Rather, I believe that our spiritual makup is only a temporary collection of discrete parts, much like atoms. During our incarnation, these parts are bound together to form what we might call the “soul” or “spirit.”
    When we die, those parts splinter back into their “atoms.” When a new being is born, those parts come together to form a new “soul.” Thus, each “soul” is unique, and every incarnation contains a new combination of these parts.
    I also believe that these parts may be loosely associated between lifetimes, making it likely that at least some of the same parts may be integrated in consecutive lifetimes. I also think that this “loose binding” may be responsible for the presence of “familiar” people.
    Consciousness arises as a result of interactions between these parts. This is why we don’t experience continuity of consciousness between lifetimes.
    Of course, these are my opinions, based on years of daily meditation. I could not provide any kind of empirical evidence to back up these beliefs, but I do not claim them to be absolute facts, either.

  6. Reincarnation can both exist and not exist, depending on how you define and view it, so the question is difficult to answer.


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