Home Discussion Forum any interesting experiences with past-life regression?

any interesting experiences with past-life regression?


  1. Some of my friends have done it with interesting results. I haven’t, but I have recurring dreams of people I’ve never met & places I’ve never been, so maybe I should.

  2. Past-life regression is not accepted as a legitimate in the world if psychology. These so-called memories are most likely false memories. These come about in the same manner as ‘repressed memories’. They are suggested by therapists/hypnotists or are figments of one’s imagination.
    Once again, this is not real psychology.

  3. I have always remembered my past lives ever since I was little. and I have spontaneous recall of them when I meet someone who I was connected to in one.
    I have been able to relieve some major issues in this life by recalling events from other times and Ihave helped a few other folks this way too.
    Right now I am married to a man (a soulmate) who I have had many lifetimes with. It was very interesting the day we met
    We just looked at me very intently and said “Is it you” I responded “Yes it is , what took you so long”
    We were married five months later and are blissfully happy together. Having dreamed of each other all of our lives in detail everything except our names were reveled in the dreams.

  4. Like marry your husband who reminds you of your grandpa as well as the “old days” ? (laugh……oh well, I did) lol


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