HomeDiscussion ForumAny ideas why telepathy can't happen?

Any ideas why telepathy can't happen?


  1. I can’t help you there. I have telepathy as many people who know me will tell you. I OFTEN call people and ask what they want…they say, “I was just thinking of you.” and I say, “I know, that’s why I called.”
    EDIT: To ED, WHAT EVA!!! How do YOU know? You said yourself that the complexities of the brain are not well understood by science.
    And BTW, I KNEW you were going to say that. Now, here’s a telepathy exercise for YOU. Guess which finger I’m holding up?
    I’ll give you a break on that “chick” remark.

  2. Maybe because like brain waves cant travel outside the skull .i believe the brain is very complex and i wouldnt discard the possiblity of telepathy; maybe one day science will be able to decipher the mysteries that lie within it for the better of humanity. As for that chick who answered first, she is so full of it. Whatever!!!!!


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