Any ideas on how to practice wicca with no money?

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i have a budget of around $20 a week but i’m in debt about $85 right now and i really want to get into wicca but the rituals all call for herbs and oils and candles and tools and a pentacle how can i get this stuff super cheap if not free? i have no way to contact a coven my town is very closed minded and parents that don’t support other religions than christianity. what do i do?

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Accepting Jesus is free and the retirement plan is awesome


Don’t waste your time and money getting to know the demonic.

Thomas Jefferson

Hm. you can borrow someones broom. And use ketchup packets instead of fancy aroma oils.


Have you ever heard of Yahoo Groups? There are Wiccan groups on Yahoo. Investigate and find out.


Jesus is free!

Dr. Socks

Wicca isn’t about rituals, more being at one with nature, amirite?


sounds like more of a money scam than reality.

Jade (Atheati Muffin Priestess)

But then you’ll never be able to afford EVERY single word Silver Ravenwolf has written. And you’re not a Wiccan unless you do so, and worship the ground she walks on!!!
I hate that woman..


Where are you??? I can send u some Quartz and stuff or u can go 2 second hand shops even look into nurseries they sell seeds 4 herbs & spices etc, etc


From what I’ve heard, you don’t need any supplies in Wicca. You can repeat any spell with just your mind, or using substitutes from nature (grass instead of herbs, water instead of oil).


Thrift stores, my friend. They are a gold mine!
But aside from that all this stuff is not actually neccessary. It’s the power of your own mind and your will that does all the work. You can have all the fanciest supplies and still get nowhere, unless you really understand the philosophy behind what you are doing. These items are symbolic, used as a point of focus. You don’t need them.
Wicca is a system of beliefs. You don’t need to practice magic or do any sort of rituals at all to be Wiccan. The most important part of practicing Wicca is how you apply your Wiccan beliefs to the way you live your life.

Frater Athor

All you need is your mind and your intention and your heart.
Improvise for tools – for the ritual dagger, use a kitchen knife. For any herbs it calls for – there are substitutes. Get a copy of Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs – it tells you all you need to know about the herbs – and most you can find in your own area growing wild.
In truth, you don’t even need those – you don’t need candles. When a spell calls for a particular color candle, use a colored piece of paper or even draw a colored mark in the same color.
Wicca is flexible. You don’t need oils. You can draw a pentacle or make one out of sticks tied together.

josh!!!! (*_*)

you don’t necessarily need those things…they help quite a bit yes but they are not necessary.
i’ve done rituals where i haven’t used anything but visualization, energy manipulation (my energy,) and meditation.

Green Pagan 4.0

Wicca is one of the best religions to practice with no money… it’s right up there with Buddhism.
Do you like nature?
Go for a walk in the park and commune with nature – that is the real way of the Wise…
You don’t need to buy a bunch of trinkets to say your prayers or to do rituals or spellwork…


Wicca’s pretty nature based, so you shouldn’t need too much money. I’m not Wiccan, so I can’t give you authoritative answers, but I know a lot of things are just based on focusing energy. I’d recommend trying to find other Wiccans to guide you, perhaps online if you can’t find any in person, although I don’t know how trustworthy that would be. You can find/grow herbs your self (you get natural oils from them, I believe it’s better if you make your own anyway), pentacles aren’t hard to make and you can buy packs of candles at the dollar store, or just burn appropriate herbs or woods. Wicca doesn’t strike me as being very expensive

Nice Planet- I'll Take It

First, Buy 1 good book, and I suggest “wicca-A guide for the solitary practicioner” by Scott Cunningham. That will give you a good basis to start on. You dont need a coven to start with, and this book will give you a lot of information on stuff you can just make or find in the wild. Wicca isnt about spending a lot of money on stuff, In fact, you already have all you need to practice it, Tools can come later, after you have gotten a little comfortable with the mental aspects of it, and spent some time thinking about the tools you really need. Stuff you need has a way of finding you, anyway. I have made a lot of my tools from thrift store finds, and have just made some of the others. It all works just as well as fancy store bought items. The power comes from within YOU and through you anyway, tools are just helpers and reminders.
once you get to the home page, just seach Scott Cunningham and all his books will come up. I couldnt link right to that page.


Your best bet is to use your $20 budget for the next 5 weeks to get completely out of debt. Getting in debt is not worth it. Then a great place to get the things you need is out in nature itself, learn to identify some of the things you need, Another great place is Ebay, you can get many herbs and oils on there extremely cheap. Also as another person said above, check out yahoo groups and just type in wiccan support groups and you will be amazed how many you can google . It would be best if you could locate one of the items you need or grow it yourself and then be able to trade or even sell some to some of the new group members you meet online, This way you can get the things you need for free or almost free and maby even make a bit of money. Most of the called for herbs are very cheap to buy the seeds for and grow yourself. Good luck.

dana w

The tools in Wicca are not a must they are used as props and metal guides to set the mood. You are the actual tool if you can go in to the woods find a quite spot and become with nature. Speak to the Divine and truely listen. Observe the Moon and your moods, the weather, see the turning of the wheel. Knowing ThySelf is the path to the Divine. If you can not find what you seek within, you will not find it without.
Blessed Be


You don’t have to have oils and herbs and all of that for rituals and spells. Make them up yourselves using items you already have. Whatever makes sense to you will do.


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