Any ideas of other famous Asian philosophers aside from Confucius and Lao Tzu?

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Just the names and I’ll search for their biography myself. Please! I really need it for my project in Social Studies.

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Look into the Philosophies of Daoism (also spelled Taoism) and Legalism. Both emerged about the time of Confucius…
Some names to consider:
Shang Yang
Han Fei
Hope I helped.
Good luck on the project.


Try Lalon Shah (also known as Lalon Fakir). The songs he has written is enough to see a new world, change your views and everything…

Bill P

Asia is one really big place. You could include the Persians, perhaps Zoroaster,
the Hindu leaders such as Patanjali,and Buddha. In India alone you could find
bios on dozens of saints


Ch’eng Hao developed the notion that li within developed by encountering li in the world.
Chang Tsai promoted a Neo-Confucian perspective, with a Oneness as the t’ai-chi or Supreme Ultimate undergirding everything.
Chang Hsueh-ch’eng developed a dialectic about the same time as K. Marx, in which needs drove human forms of behavior. Kind of Maslowian, too.
Wang Yang-ming promoted action and knowing as the way to sageness.
Shang Yang was a promoter of following the rules (legalism).
Hsiung Shih-li was a 20th century radical interpreter of the I-Ching.
Chu Hsi, the greatest Chinese philosopher after Confucius and
Those are all of the Chinese Asian philosophers.
Some Japanese philosophers: modern Kyoto School: Nishida, Nishitani, and Tanabe (“Philosophy as Metanoetics”). Tanabe studied with Husserl and Heidegger, Nishida reflected William James.
D. T. Suzuki and Morihei Ueshiba are also important recent Japanese thinkers.
Nichiren and Shinran are important early thinkers.
In Korea, T’oegye and Yulgok championed reason and materialism, respectively. Chong Yag-yong is a major Confucian thinker.
Indian philosophy includes the interesting Grammarian and Shaivite schools. A recent Hindu thinker is Sri Yukteswar.
Shankara is the strongest Hindu philosopher.
Dharmakirti is a skilled summarist of Buddhist philosophy.
Nagarjuna was a major epistemological skeptic.
Mahavira and Patanjali are important, as of course are Gautama and Bodhidharma.



Christopher F

Within the Hindu tradition there’s:
Patanjali, Kanada, Shankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, and Dvaita.
There are others, but those will get you started.


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