Any idea what shamanism is?

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The religion shamans follow… just a guess.


Get the book Shamanism by Piers Vitebsky . The author is an Anthropologist at Oxford or Cambridge,
It is a good general over view with lots of photos to help you see the Shamanism in various cultures through out the world.
The Word Shaman or Saman is from the Evenk people of Siberia, the practitioner can be male or female. You may also want to look up Mongolian Shaman on You Tube -There are some videos there from a Doctoral Student at the University of Hungary they are good non-biased videos and give interesting glimpses with translations.
If you want to know about Shamanism you need to look long and deep in yourself and in the world.


If I’m not mistaken… Shamans are people who bring spirits into their own bodies, for purposes of fighting. There used to be Shaman tournaments, for the title of “Shaman King”, which meant a lot.


A person who is able to affect change in others using both forces of light and shadow. A shaman has been through the underworld and has faced his or her own shadow. Shamanism is a practice, not wise to try and jump in as if you profess you are a shaman, a black shaman can and or will pursue to take you out on some level, and may succeed. Most ancient cultures had there own form of shamanism . Often times the served as psychologists. or demolition. Used to heal or make ill, mentally or spiritually, or even physically.



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